Photo Credit: Gudrun Klix  ,1993

Photo Credit: Gudrun Klix,1993

Edmonton: June 24 - July 5, 1994
Victoria: July 15 - August 28, 1994
"Eye to Eye"

In 1994, The Works Festival took the opportunity to present the Festival on two occasions. The Festival was first shown in Edmonton, but then traveled to Victoria, BC for the XV Commonwealth Games. The Alberta Part Art Society, producer of The Works Festival, was commissioned by the Commonwealth Games Arts and Culture Committee to set up 42 sites, representing 423 artists in Victoria during the Games.

Feature Exhibit: Goddesses
Art by Gudrun Klix, Ann Roberts and Michael Flynn.

Australian artist, Gudrun Kilx, through her use of red Australian clays, reflected her connection to the land. Creating from a figurative perspective, Klix marked suggestions of feminity rather than overt representations.


Photo Credit:Tina Chang,1994

Photo Credit:Tina Chang,1994

Formolo Dance Association
Performance at Edmonton City Hall
Featuring: Kokoro Dance & Alberta Performance Artists

(Sculptor Sandra Bromley's exhibit, Passages and Transitions can be seen in the background)

Barbara Borget and Jay Hirabayashi, choreographers in the Vancouver based Kokoro Dance Company, created a performance that was a fusion of Japanese Butoh Dance and Modern Ballet. It's name, Formolo was an experimental dance form that emphasized startling visual effects that emerged from expressive bodily movement.

Artists: Shirley Shillinglaw and Emerald Aswanne  ,1994

Artists: Shirley Shillinglaw and Emerald Aswanne,1994

Faces of Family Pride
Images provided by Shirley Shillinglaw and Emerald Aswanne.

Presented by Women of the Metis Nation, this juried exhibit, Faces of Family Pride was curated by Heather Shillinglaw to honour the International Year of the Family. This traveling exhibit was a positive reflection of Native heritage and displayed both the personal and spiritual aspirations of varied First Nations cultures.






The Works “Eye to Eye” Featured Artist Exhibits

Glenn Guillet, “Five New Works,” Manulife Place, 102 Street & 102 Avenue.

Joanne Friesen, Ken North, and Carol Breen (Keyano College) “Multiple Originals,” Manulife Place.

Janet Morton, “Ascension of the Good Businessman,” Manulife Place.

Alyx Nemeth, “Edged,” Manulife Place.

Mitchell Stuart, “Breathing a Molecular Ocean,” Manulife Place.

Tom Belden, Gary (Greeny) Greenberg, Randall Schmidt, “The 1993 International Invitational Travelling Ashtray Exhibition,” Churchill Square.

Randall Fraser, “Throne of Wisdom,” Churchill Square.

Sandra Bromley, “Passages and Transitions,” City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

James Trevelyan, “Ice Fields,” Citadel Theatre, 9828 101A Avenue.

Michael Caskenette, “The View From Here: An Unfiltered Look,” Scotia Place, 10060 Jasper Avenue.

Eva Bartel, David LaRiviere, Paul Murasko, Jean Nault, Greg Pretty, Christina Saruk Reid, Richard Tosczak, and Angus Wyatt, “At the Rath Gallery,” Scotia Place.

Gary Greenberg, “Foil Fired Vessels,” The Westin Hotel, 10135 100 Street.

Ruby J. Mah, “Fire and Ice,” Rigoletto’s Café, 10044 101A Avenue.

Adèle Knowler, “The State of Mind,” Select Restaurant and Bar, 10180 101 Street.

Heather Shillingslaw, Curator; Don Robertson, Marina Crane, Faith Lewis Adams, Reagan Dalseide, Dale Auger, Joseph Lazore, Art Napolean, Ron Allen (Lynxleg), Fred McDonald, Celina Ritter, Holly LaRocke, Radford Blackrider, Ernie Whitford, Marylin Frasher King, “Faces of Family Pride,” Canada Trust Building, 10036 Jasper Avenue.

Terry Leonard, “The Yukon,” café LEGARE sic, 10058 101A Avenue.

Dick Der, “In the Rough,” Panini E Vini, 10117 101 Street

Public participation mural project, “To Face the Forest,” Edmonton Centre, 102 Avenue & 101 Street.

Ann Roberts, Michael Flynn, and Gudrun Klix, “Goddesses,” Commerce Place, 10155 101 Street.

Phillip W. Mann, “Meditations,” Commerce Place.

Robert Archambeau, Ryan Cameron, Janet Mansfield, and Chuck Wissinger, “Wood, Salt, and Life,” Commerce Place.

Ruth Chambers, “Fire Place,” Commerce Place.

Gudrun Klix, “Terra R’ossa,” Commerce Place.

Cynday Warwick, “Nude Studies,” Commerce Place.

Gary Greenberg, “Installationette (Generic) 1994,” CHQT Building, 10154 103 Street.

David Hind, “Rhythmic Dissonance,” CHQT Building.

Theresa Marshall, “The Department of Indian Affairs,” Latitude 53 Gallery, 10137 104 Street.

Kent Monkman, “The Museum Show,” Latitude 53 Gallery.

Dierdre McCleneghan and Christine Wallewein, “Wallewein / McCleneghan Studios,” The Phillips Building, 10169 104 Street.

Randall Schmidt, “With My head in the Clouds and My feet on the Ground,” The Coffee Cup, 10034 108 Street.


Featured Community Arts Groups, Post Secondary Institutions, Art OrganizationsWorkshops

The Alberta Society of Artists, “Flora Fauna Figures” Manulife Place, 102 Street & 102 Avenue.

masQuirx “masQuirx: The Others,” Manulife Place.

Alberta College of Art, “The Glass of ’94,” Alberta College of Art.

University of Regina and Nova Scotia College of Art and Design “Silk Roads,”, Manulife Place.

Alberta College Artists in Residence, “Rez ’94,” Manulife Place.

Alberta Craft Council, “Re-incarnation (When Recycling meets Fine Craft),” Manulife Place.

Sculptor’s Association of Alberta, “Capture the Moment,” Manulife Place.

Edmonton Art Gallery, “Thomas Bewick : 1753 – 1828,” “Architecture in Alberta: Sir Winston Churchill Square,” “RGB,” “The Art of Alex Janvier: The First Thirty Years, 1960-1990,” “Return to Paradise: Contemporary Views of the Land by Canadian Artists, Selections from the Collection of the University of Lethbridge.”

Western Canada Wilderness Committee, “Northern Exposure,” The Centennial Library, 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Unviersity of Lethbridge, “Reflecting Paradise: Contemporary Views of the Land by Canadian Artists,” Centennial Library.

Formolo Dance Association, “Formolo Dance Association/Celebrating the Environment through the Arts Creation Project and Kokoro Dance presents a new creation with Alberta Performing Artists,” City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Western Canada Wildnerness Committee, “Springtime in David Thompson Country,” City Hall.

Red Deer College Students, “Art and Design at Red Deer College,” Hudson’s Bay Building, 10230 Jasper Avenue.

“Arts from the Arctic, A Circumpolar Exhibition by Contemporary Artists and Craftsmen from Sapmi (Norway, Sweden, Finland), Russia, Alaska, Canada, and Greenland,” Edmonton Centre, 102 Avenue and 101 Street.

Subversive Textiles Association of Artists, “ Paperspeak: A Global View, Contemporary handmade paper by artists from The Commonwealth,” Commerce Place, 10155 101 Street.

rowles and parham sic design galleries, “The Fourth Annual Canadian Glass Show,” The Royal LePage Building, 10130 103 Street.