Photo Credit: Carol Clelland  ,1999

Photo Credit: Carol Clelland,1999

June 25 – July 7, 1999
"What You See"

Richard Mock
Money Lures & Mock of the Times

Everyone wishes for more money, right? Well, here are the Money Lures, "talismanic sculptures made to invoke the power of the money gods." Ritualistically constructed with a fish hook, a ceramic power totem and, in a flash of sympathetic magic, a tail of shredded American dollar bills, Money Lures satirized societal lust for money. They symbolically challenge the very real power that financial institutions hold over the public and the lure money holds for everyday life, especially the assumption that money is the key to happiness.

Richard Mock is best known for his editorial cartoons in the New York Times, and in addition to the Money Lures that were on display in Scotia Place, The Mock of the Times was a presentation of his satirical lino-cuts.

Photo Credit: Carol Clelland  ,1999

Photo Credit: Carol Clelland,1999

Li Mo, 
Kuafu Zhuiri; Kuafu Tracing the Sun

The myth of Kuafu, a legendary hero whose quest was to capture the sun, was explored through the tradition of Chinese calligraphy by artist Li Mo. Traditional Chinese art met Western Abstract Expressionism when Li Mo painted his large scale works on-site at Commerce Place. However, Li Mo did not limit his painting to the traditional canvas and support format, but painted on anything he could find.




The Works “What You See…” Featured Artist Exhibits

Diana Burgoyne, “Creative Juices: How to Make the Electronic Simple,” Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Robert Woodbury, “Playing with Light,” Churchill Square.

Mariann Sinkovics, “Living Art Projects,” Churchill Square.

Janice Boudreau, “Do You See What I See?” Churchill Square.

Chris Carson, “Heavenly Space,” Churchill Square.

1999 Art of CAD, “Computer Drawing Competition,” City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Fred Chapman, (Gordon Snyder, guest curator), “Within the Eye,” The Citadel Theatre, 9829 101A Avenue.

Wilfred Kozub, “Floor Cloths and Paintings for Walls,” Grounds for Coffee, 10247 97 Street.

Ron Serna and Rob Wood, “Labyrinth: and Essay of Impersonal Dreams,” Shaw Conference Centre, 9797 Jasper Avenue.

Lisa Conway, “New Sculpture,” Hotel Macdonald, 10065 100 Street.

Margaret Winkle-Fiorentino, “My Rebellious Feet,” The Edmonton Journal, 10006-101 Street.

Li Mo, “Kuafu ZhuiriL Kuafu Tracing the Sun,” Commerce Place, 10155 102 Street.

Elizabeth Ginn, curator, “A Legacy: The Work of Mark Joslin,” Commerce Place.

Fredrick R. McDonald, “It’s a Really Big… Moccasin,” Commerce Place.

Arion Predika, “Fort Rae, Northwest Territories: Beautiful Disintegration,” ICON Hair Architecture, Commerce Place.

Donna Harker, “Through the Window,” ICON Hair Architecture, Commerce Place.

Richard Mock, “Money Lures & Mock of the Times,” Scotia Place, 10060 Jasper Avenue.

Brian McArthur, “Castor Histoire,” The Kelly Ramsey Building, 10048 101A Avenue.

Bruce Bentz, “Boogie and Woogie and Other Furniture,” Eaton Centre, 102 Street and 102 Avenue.

Ian Birse, “There’s A Trapdoor in the Gallery…” The Kershaw Building, 10336 Jasper Avenue.

Angelique Wood, “Reminiscence,” The Kershaw Building.

Femke van Delft, “Between a Rock and a Hard Drive,” The Kershaw Building.

Christine Frost, “Damsels in Distress,” The Birks Building, 10115 104 Street.

Derek Watts, “Buying Retro, Aroma Borealis, The Coopers and Lybrand Building, 10130 103 Street.

Dean Smale, “tanha – The Second Noble Truth,” Rigoletto’s Café, 10068 108 Street.

Catherine Burgess, “Measuring,” The Executive Building, 10105 109 Street.

Christine Wallewein, “Getting Personal,” The Paint Spot Fringe Gallery, 10516 82 Avenue.

Robert Von Eschen, “Untitled Installation,” The Paint Spot Fringe Gallery.


Featured Community Arts Groups, Post Secondary Institutions, Art Organizations, Workshops

Celebration of Women in the Arts, Cathy McMillan, Stella Kaufman, Elaine Miklos, and Janie Cranfield, “Rice Krispie Nude Sculpture Project,” Churchill Square.

Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts, “Warehouse Project,” Churchill Square.

Alberta Potters Association, Churchill Square.

Bisset Stained Glass, Tannis Bisset Taylor, Bill Bisset, Brett Friedel, and Deborah White. Demonstrations, Churchill Square.

Citadel Theatre, “Create your Own Picasso,” Churchill Square.

Memi von Gaza and Peter Field, “Celebrate Canada: Lantern Making Workshops and Procession,” City Hall.

Edmonton Public Schools, “High School Portfolio Award Exhibit,” Kids in the Hall Bistro, City Hall.

Hot House, “The Cameleon Chair Collaboration,” Hot House Home Furnishings, Commerce Place.

Alberta Society of Artists, Marilyn L. Horne, Curator, “Hands that Shape,” Commerce Place.

Professional Photographers of Canada, “The Many Colors of Black and White,” Edmonton Centre, 102 Avenue and 101 Street.

Vernon Barford Junior High School, “Masks of Hope and Healing,” Eaton Centre.

The Works Pop Art Exhibit, “From the Garage to the Gallery,” Eaton Centre.

Victoria School of Performing and Visual Arts, “Drawings in Motion,” EPCOR Building, 10065 Jasper Avenue.

Latitude 53 Gallery, Leesa Streifler (Vera Lemecha, curator), “Normal,” The Great West Saddlery Building, 10137 104 Street.

Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists (SNAP), Elizabeth Dove, “Passing Time,” The Great West Saddlery Building.

Artizans Entertainment, “Original Canadian Cartoon Art Exhibit: Toontown,” Beaver House, 10158 103 Street.

Harcourt House, Lisa Conway, “Physical Presence,” 10215 112 Street.

Harcourt House, Paul Freeman, “Take Care.”

University of Alberta Hospital, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, “Fibreoptics,” McMullen Gallery.

University of Alberta, Koichi Yamamoto, “Conditional Boundaries,” Fine Arts Building (FAB).