© Bob Masse

© Bob Masse

June 25 - July 4, 2004

Peace, Love and Rock 'N Roll
Bob Masse

Masse is the famed illustrator of concert posters for such musical greats as The Doors, Neil Young, Janis Joplin and The Grateful Dead. His art nouveau graphics and bold, flashy colours continue to attract modern musicians such as: The Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2. A graduate of the Vancouver School of Art, Masse has worked in the Canadian and US music promotions scene throughout the sixties to the present. On exhibit are Masses hand-drawn original artworks and reproductions. The Works is proud to unveil a Collector’s Edition of 100 posters commissioned for The Works Art & Design Festival available framed for $500 + gst. Call Chloe at 426-2122 Ex.226 to order yours!

Don Ritter

New York artist Don Ritter invites you walk into eight lanes of speeding traffic in this exciting sound installation. As you enter the darkened installation infrared sensors begin interactingdirectly with you. Your movements control the sounds and alter the presumed motion and bearing of the vehicles around you. Ritter expands interactive art beyond the limits of screen-based installation because he claims that "the physical experience of sittingin a chair, clicking a mouse, and entering keystrokes is not satisfying to the physical body. If interactive art is going to become an influential and cultural medium, the entire body -- and not just the index finger -- must be involved in the interactive and aesthetic experience."



© Robert Archambeau

© Robert Archambeau

Refinement of Tradition
Robert Archambeau
rchambeau, recipient of the 2003 Governor General’s Award in the Visual Arts, exhibits a selection of his beautifully crafted ceramic vessels. Known as a "potter’s potter." he has been creating ceramic pieces for over 45 years and taught at the University of Manitoba for 23 years. His earthy vessels are influenced by his surrounding environment - the Canadian Shield. This strong Canadian influence is expertly combined with the Asian traditions of wood-fired ceramics that he studied in Korea and Japan. Archambeau draws detailed plans for his vessels before creating them in clay. His ability to form vessels to his pre-determined intentions is a testament to his skills as a potter.





© Ralph Hedlin

© Ralph Hedlin

Photos of Ralph Hedlin
Ralph Hedlin
Curator: Gordon Snyder

This exhibit features the Arctic Photographs of prominent Albertan, Ralph Hedlin. -a journalist, economist, political analyst, and art collector. The photos were originally taken in 1964 as part of Hedlin’s writing and photo assignment for Maclean’s magazine. While on assignment he traveled with the Inuit people by dog team, lived in igloos and observed the polar bear hunt on Southhampton Island.






The Works “See It All – Mind Altering” Featured Artist Exhibits

Dawn Saunders Dahl and Lisa Mizeri, co-curators, “Bats in the Belfry,” Stanley A. Milner Public Library, #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Christine Hwang and Jennifer van de Pol, “Linguistics of Landscape,” Stanley A. Milner Public Library.

Kelly Hartman, Giles Woodward, Joanne Marion, co-curators, “CART: Before The Horse Canadian Graphic Design for the Arts,” Red Strap Market.

Peter Field and Memi von Gaza, “LuminoCity,” Bank of Montreal, 10199 101 Street.

Robert Archambeau, “Refinement of Tradition,” Farimont Hotel Macdonald, 10065 100 Street.

Suzanne Mir, “Let’s Get Real,” Crowne Plaza Café Lacombe, 10111 Bellamy Hill.

Marv Ashley, “West Coast Carvings,” Crowne Plaza.

Ralph Hedlin, (Gordon Snyder, curator), “Photos of Ralph Hedlin,” 10235 101 Street.

Darren Kooyman, “Paintings,” Edmonton Journal, 10006 101 Street.

Jim Davies and Paddy Lamb, co-curators, “New Territories,” Edmonton City Centre West, 10200 102 Avenue.

Shelley Sopher, “Old Man on His Back Tipi Rings,” Edmonton City Centre West.

Stuart Walker, (Alison Miyauchi, curator), “Rough Cuts: Sustainable Product Designs,” Edmonton City Centre West.

John Cooper, “Speak Your Truth Quietly & Clearly,” Manulife Place, 10180 101 Street.

Bob Masse “Peace, Love, and Rock ‘N Roll,” Works Gallery , Commerce Place, 10150 Jasper Avenue.

Ingrid Koivikangas, “North Saskatchewan River Project: Edmonton,” Commerce Place.

Jim Corrigan, curator, “The Art of Inspiration,” Commerce Place.

Bill Rogers, “Series A, equal to the sum of its parts,” Scotia Place, 10060 Jasper Avenue.

Tony Baker, Chrissy Cheung, Tim Rechner, Craig Talbot, “New Alberta Abstractions,” Scotia Place.

Don Ritter, “Intersection,” Scotia Place.

Harold Pearse, “Artists’ Dogs: Some dogs that belong to people in Edmonton’s visual arts community,” Rigoletto’s Café, 10068 108 Street.

Nancy Ochoa, choreographer, “Bitch,” Stanley A. Milner Public Library.


2004 Featured Community Arts Groups, Post Secondary Institutions, Art OrganizationsWorkshops

Tandie McLeod, “Celebrate Canada Workshops,” Churchill Square.

Edmonton and Area High School Photographers, “Snapshots: Communication / Miscommunication,” City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Edmonton Public Schools, “Best of High School Portfolio Award Exhibit,” Kids in the Hall Bistro, City Hall.

University of Guelph Print Artists, “Experience Resonance,” Stanley A. Milner Public Library.

Media Art and Design Exposed (M.A.D.E.), elementary school students, and University of Alberta Industrial Design students, “Kids to Industrial Design,” Citadel Theatre, 9828 101A Avenue.

Digital Media Awards Competition, Citadel Theatre.

Canada Day Poster Challenge, Canada Place, 9700 Jasper Avenue.

Industrial Designers of Edmonton Association (IDEA), curator, “*THAW: Edmonton Contemporary Furniture,” Red Strap Market, 10305 97 Street.

Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists (SNAP), Karen Kunc, 10137 104 Street.

Industrial Designers Society of America, Tim Antoniuk, curator, “Track: Canadian Design on the Global Scale,” Edmonton City Centre West, 10200 102 Avenue.

Alberta Summer Games Cultural Component, “Viewpoints: Alberta Youth,” Grant MacEwan College, 10700 104 Avenue.

Alberta Craft Council, Jane Kidd, “Handiwork Series: to the bone, in the blood, from the heart;” NAIT’s Advanced Woodworking and Furniture Design Program, “Fine Legs, Great Chests & Hot Seats,” 10186 106 Street.

ArtsHab, “Arts Hab in the Heat: The Summer Show,” 10217 106 Street.

Latitude 53 Centre for Contemporary Visual Culture, Sarah Beck, “ÖDE;” Penny Jo Buckner, “NOSEBLEEDS,” 10248 106 Street.

Harcourt House Arts Centre, “16th Annual Member’s Exhibition: Member’s Only,” “Naked Number Twelve: I Love Alberta Beefcake,” 10215 112 Street.

Visual Arts Alberta, “Diversity,” 10215 112 Street.

University of Alberta, Students and staff, “Lines of Site 2004: Confluent Visual Cultures,” Fine Arts Building (FAB) Gallery, 112 Street & 89 Avenue.

University of Alberta Faculty of Extension, Faculty art instructors, “Menots and Models.”

University of Alberta Hospital, Marilyn Grabinsky, curator, “Constructed Knowledge,” McMullen Gallery, 8440 112 Street.

The Paint Spot, Linda Corrairo, “Speaking Volumes;” Naomi Marathalingam, “Jessie; Add Journey,” The Fringe Gallery, 10516 82 Avenue.

La Societe francophone du Centre d’arts visuels de l’Alberta, Patricia Trudeau, Jeannette Ouelette, Roland Souey, Mary Topping, “A celebration of colours,” 9103 95 Avenue.

West End Gallery, “Gallery Artists Exhibit,” 12308 Jasper Avenue.

Stollery Gallery, “Through the Eyes of the Artist,” 9701 111 Avenue.

Murongo Gallery, 12505 102 Avenue.

Edmonton Art Gallery, “Thriller;” Dean Drever, “It it ain’t white it ain’t right;” James Wilson Morrice, “James Wilson Morrice and the European Landscape,” #2 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society, Churchill Square.