June 21 – July 3, 2012


Anthea Black + Mr. & Mrs. Keith Murray
Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz
David Folk
Rainer Herrn
Jean-René Leblanc
Kurtis Lesick
Wednesday Lupypciw
Mireille Perron and Heather Stump
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay
RICHard SMOLinski

PopSex! is a research project – undertaken by artists and scholars from Calgary and Berlin – into the histories and futures of sexuality. The project responds to the remnants of Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Science – a place of scientific research, public exhibition, political activism, and social refuge that existed in Berlin from 1919 to 1933, when it was plundered and destroyed by the Nazis as the first target of the May 10th book burnings. PopSex! delves into this archive to make visible its violent destruction and immaterial afterlife. This presentation is a selection of works from the original exhibit at ACAD in January 2011.

Hank Zyp
Hank Zyp (1935-2012) spent his life helping others. A teacher, illustrator, and advocate of social justice, Zyp helped to found organizations such as Change For Children and Rainbow of Hope for Children. This exhibit celebrates the community contributions he made, as demonstrated through a lifetime of art making.






Wil Yee
Drawer, designer, and illustrator Wil Yee is recruiting professional artists, creative people, family, friends, and strangers to build a mural this year at the Works. Each person will complete one section in isolation from each other, constructing a synergetic piece that will be revealed as the piece is assembled.




En Masse
Jason Botkin, Fred Caron, and local contributors.
En Masse is a Montreal-based alternative art initiative that works collaboratively and spontaneously, building fantastical black on white illustrations that will be developed during the festival on Churchill Square.



Measuring a Year
Margie Davidson
How long is a scarf that has one stitch for every minute of a year? Embracing the essential humanity of traditional textiles and tenacious art practice, Margie Davidson answers this question.










The Works Featured Artist Exhibits

Kris Wells, Andre Grace, Jill Delarue, Richard Oulet, and Mike Emme, curators, “The Out is In Project,” City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Anna Banana, "But Is It Art?," #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Leila Armstrong, “Melody Time Ranch,” Stanley A. Milner Library, #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Sarah Collins, Coordinator, “Bias Consistent Variable Project,” Citadel Theatrem 9828 101A Ave.

Jeff Collins, “One Person, Two Personae: Landscapes and Mindscapes from Alberta,” Capitals Restaurant, Sutton Place Hotel, 10235 101 Street.

Val Nelson, “Minding the gap,” Manulife Place, 10180 101 Street.

Robert Woodburym “Gutshot,” Edmonton Journal, 10006 101 Street.

Ric Kokotovich, “Reclamations,” Scotia Place, 10060 Jasper Avenue.

Shelley Paley and Jake Hardy, “Apples and Oranges,” Sky Park/Concrete, 10047 102 Street.

Gerry Rasussen and Roger Garcia, “Strip it Down,” Rigoletto’s Café, 10068 108 Street.

Gerry Rasmussen, “Caricatures On The Square,” Churchill Square.

Ken Rinaldo, “Autopoiesis,” “Machinic Diatoms,” Churchill Square.

Dee Fontans, curator, “Wearable Art – Object and Body,” Churchill Square.

Eli Nasogaluak, “Inuvaluit Pitkusied: The Way of the Inuvaluit,” Churchill Square.

JoAnna Lange, “Girls! Girls! Girls!” “Blue Plate Special,” Churchill Square.

Ted Kerr, “Extension,” Churchill Square.

Edmund Haakonson, “Alcoa Project II,” Churchill Square.


Featured Community Arts Groups, Post Secondary Institutions, Art Organizations Workshops

Edmonton Public Schools, “Best of High School Porfolio Award Exibit,” Kids in the Hall, City Hall.

Glass Art Association of Canada, “Lucent: A Survey of Contemporary Canadian Glass,” Stanley A. Milner Library.

Canada Day Poster Challenge, Canada Place, 9700 Jasper Avenue; Poster Challenge Winners, CBC, Edmonton City Centre East, 100 Street and 102 Avenue.

Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists (SNAP), Blair Brennan, Sacra Privata, 10309 97 Street.

Jeff Holmwood, Glass Happens Studio, “Vetro Grande,” Bank of Montreal, 10199 101 Street.

Glass Happens Studio, Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, 10065 100 Street.

Grant MacEwan College Poetry and Photography Students, “Unreal City: Palimpsest,” Alberta College, 10050 MacDonald Drive.

Alberta Craft Council Gallery, “Brew-haha: Fun and Fabulous Teapots and Sets,” “Emerging fine craft artists,” 10186 106 Street.

Artshab Studio Gallery, “Artshab in the Core: artshab residents, alumni, and friends,” 10217 106 Street.

Latitude 53 Gallery, Mindy Yan Miller and Susie Major, “Candy Mountain,” Ania Trzeieski, “Plastic Wrap Series,” 10248 106 Street.

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, “Governor General Awards in Architecture,” MacEwan Room, Grant MacEwan College, 10700 104 Avenue.

Harcourt House, “M19: Annual Member’s Exhibition,” “Stripped: 15th Annual Naked Exhibition,” “The Bicycle Rehabilitation Project,” 10205 112 Street.

Visual Arts Alberta, “Diversity 2007,” 10205 112 Street.

Media Art and Design Exposed in Edmonton (M.A.D.E.), “M.A.D.E. Street Furniture Competition,” Churchill Square.

Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta, “Video Jams,” Churchill Square.

Theatre YES, “365 Days, 365 Plays,” Churchill Square.

Gerry Morita and Theresa Dextrase, “Push Pull Fly,” City Hall.

Edmonton Story Slam, Churchill Square.

University of Alberta, “Aspects of Abstraction,” Fine Art Building (FAB) Gallery, 89 Avenue and 112 Street.

University of Alberta Hospital, “Hat-story,” McMullen Gallery, 8440 112 Street.

University Extension Centre, Lyndal Osbourne, curator, “Manufactured Transformation: a group show of sculptural forms,” 8303 112 Street.

Centre d’arts visuels de l’Alberta, “Artistic Expression,” 9103 95 Avenue; “Jazz’Art,” SkyPark/Concrete, 10047 102 Street.

Nina Haggerty Arts Centre, “Collage and New Work,” 9702 111 Avenue.

Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society, “BEAMS at the Works 2007,” Sky Part/Concrete.