The Works Art & Design Festival

june 22 - july 4 2017 on Churchill Square and Downtown Edmonton


The Works Art & Design Festival 2017 -  Online Festival Guide


The 2017 Works Art & Design Festival took place on Churchill Square and other venues across Edmonton. The theme of dialogue has been infused into over 300 exhibits, programs, events, and performances. 

Dialogue is essential to understanding. Not all dialogue is expressed in words. Interaction changes the course of a project, and often more questions remain than answers. Dialogue is about opening the evolution of an artwork to outside and potentially differing influences before the process is declared complete. 

What we found at The Works 2017
The theme of dialogue embraces socially engaged practices, collaborative artworks, artworks involving research, works that include multiple voices or represent a conversation, as well as work that seeks to understand through genuine outreach. 

The Works exhibit list by location