For a more hands-on experience in festival planning, consider joining one of our committees. Watch for new committee applications in December, 2017.  

Volunteer Engagement Committee

Develop strategies to increase volunteer retention and improve communication and appreciation before, during and after the festival. Committee members will create fun and inclusive ways to engage all volunteers. They will also assist volunteer department staff in orientations and administration.

Possible objectives (these will grow and shift, and depend on the agreed time commitment of the committee):

·         Assist with recruitment efforts

·         Plan activities for recruitment BBQ and wrap up party

·         Plan activities to keep volunteers engaged throughout the festival

·         Provide hospitality to volunteers during orientation

·         Provide hospitality to volunteers during festival (Assist with opening, delivering volunteers to positions, distributing refreshments, ponchos etc.)

·         Program space next to volunteer headquarters tent

·         Decide how volunteer engagement committee should be visually identifiable before and during festival

Marketing and Engagement Committee, 2017.

Marketing and Engagement Committee, 2017.

Marketing and Special Events Committee

Work to enrich and market festival programming. The committee will think through cost effective ways to advertise the festival and engage audience members.

Objectives (These will grow and shift, depending on the availability of committee members):

·         Establish a marketing strategy to increase awareness of festival and festival special events, including organizing and executing street team prior to and during festival.

·         Plan and implement events in alignment with The Works’ mission and existing programs and festival events.

·         Support marketing staffbefore, during and after the festival.

·         Develop unique ways to engage patrons before and during the festival. 



Thank you to our 2017 volunteer supporters: