Alley of Light Art Boxes, Armstrong Block

Cory Johnn, Kellen Frost, and Nicholas Yee

Curated by Kellen Frost

South wall, 10125 – 104 St Outdoor, 24 hours daily

The exhibit features stunning views of the Rocky Mountains, the North Saskatchewan River that loops through the heart of our city and its many miles of interconnected parkland, combined with images set in our local ravines.

A Quiet Resilience

Tegan B

Curated by Eleanor Lazare; Assistant Curator Emily MacDonald

South wall, 10125 – 104 St – Summer 2017 Series Outdoor, 24 hours daily

Tegan B’s exhibition, A Quiet Resilience, is a small collection of her photographs from her flâneurs. The works document the ephemeral, disillusioned, and unabashed city she sees through a non-linear narrative exploring her perspective as a woman photographer and as a resident and visitor of walkable and unwalkable cities. Edmonton is notoriously unwalkable: it is a city designed for cars. Streets filled with dead ends and freeways with little to no sidewalks present a unique opportunity to navigate the un-navigable. This is where the worms bleed out of the cracks of sidewalks and the honest, amateur graffiti lives. Through photography the artist is able to memorialize these fleeting moments and chance encounters in the medium of film, lending richness and patience to the work. Tegan B’s work asks the question: What subconscious personality of the city will surface when you let it breathe?


Tegan B is an Edmonton based artist and designer. With a Design Studies diploma from MacEwan University. Her practice includes photography, illustration, publication design, performance, and urban interventions. Tegan’s work is humorous, absurd, saturated, cacophonous, and a fusing of art and design. Her most recent project is the artist book “nau—sea” with collaborator Emily MacDonald.