Secrets for Dinner

 Alysse Bowd

Secrets for Dinner will be performed four times:
Saturday June 24, 7 – 9 pm
Sunday June 25, 7 – 9 pm
Saturday July 1, 2 – 4 pm
Sunday July 2, 2 – 4 pm

Secrets for Dinner is a participatory durational performance, exploring a character who consumes secrets. Participants will be encouraged to share their secrets by creating an impression of their secret on a piece of rice paper. Upon receiving the secret, the artist will not read, but instead begin to consume the secret. Some secrets might be more palatable than others and slip down her throat easily while others take chewing and effort. Each secret she eats is taken from its owner and becomes a part of her. Those secrets are full of weight and obligation. Consuming the content, she relieves the participant of their stored secret.


E. M. Alysse Bowd is an interdisciplinary artist from Red Deer, Alberta. Bowd received her BFA in Ceramics from the Alberta College of Art and Design (Calgary, 2011) and her MFA from NSCAD University (Halifax, 2016). Recently her work has been seen in festival platforms including The Works Festival (Edmonton, AB), Art in the Open (Nuit Blanche Charlottetown, PEI), Lumiere (Nuit Blanche Sydney, Cape Breton), and Nocturne Art at Night Festival (Halifax, NS). Bowd has exhibited internationally and across Canada, being recognized for her efforts as an emerging artist in Hot Mud: A National Survey of Contemporary Canadian Emerging Ceramists at The Burlington Arts Centre (Burlington, ONT) and as the recipient of the Red Deer Emerging artist award in 2014. Her creative practice negotiates object-making and performance with a sensitivity for non-linear narratives and personal mythology.