Hand Bound / Tongue Tied

 Andy Davies

Hand Bound / Tongue Tied will be taking place: Friday June 23, 11 – 7 pm

Saturday June 24, 11 – 7 pm Sunday June 25, 11 – 7 pm

Hand Bound / Tongue Tied examines the theme of dialogue that arises from chance encounters. Members of the public are invited to join the artist in creating a new audio and sculpture artwork centred on random meeting, discussion, and messages shared. “Given time and opportunity, in this case bound by a 20-minute handshake, I believe everyone has a message for everyone else,” explains Davies. Davies will create a plaster cast of the handshake while the participants chat and commune. Participants will leave with small sculptural memento of the experience.


Andy Davies is a Canadian artist based in Lethbridge, Alberta. Formally trained by the intensive art program at Red Deer College, Davies graduated at the top of his class with a B.F.A. / B.Ed. from the University of Lethbridge in 2009. Davies has maintained an active practice with a focus on art in public spaces: he has three major public commissions installed in Alberta and Ontario, with a fourth currently in progress in British Columbia. In 2010 Davies made a splash at The Works with a significant ephemeral show of his “Wettings” series. In 2011, he showed “Albertastan”, a political commentary.