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McMullen Gallery, University Hospital

Artists, researchers and health care providers have been listening to, learning from and collaborating with people recovering from their experience of head and neck cancer. The diverse works of six participating artists featured in the see me, hear me, heal me exhibition reveal aspects of the cancer experience that often remains hidden. Appealing to all of the senses, they convey the confusion, catastrophe and hope associated with a serious illness, showing that healing is an uneven and continuous process. For more information about this ongoing project, including future exhibitions go to: 

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Harcourt House

Toss together a melange of ideas, memories, words, body language, experiences and emotions from one individual to the next, dialogue transforms, expands and collapses. Some things and, remain unexpressed. Could these missed exchanges have been an opportunity for growth, a catalyst for self-discovery, or a future transitional moment? Complimenting The Works Festival theme, “Dialogue”,

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