Activities of Kind Connection

Alexandra Gusse

10211 – 102 Ave
Monday – Friday 5:30 am – 10 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Canada Day 7 am – 7 pm

Activities of Kind Connection is an excerpt from a body of work exploring themes of human connection and the fluctuation of emotions within the everyday. The subjective colours depict emotions experienced by the characters. Through use of brighter-than-life colour and simplified form, the viewer might move through the compositions focusing on areas of greater detail. The overall even treatment of paint is intended to depict the shared emotions between subjects. More considered or detailed areas are moments of motion:

Bent knees extend Sweaty shirts dry
Rosy, smiling faces relax

The moments of connection and bonding with friends, family, or strangers is worth celebrating. This series is a toast to moments in which the artist has felt acceptance in a special, unexpected way. Human connection empowers growth.

To love deeply To be kind, Feel tenderly

And all of it made possible by moments with dear friends who were once strangers.


Alexandra Gusse is an Edmonton based painter and printmaker, currently pursuing her BFA at the University of Alberta. Her current work focuses on fluctuation of emotions within community. She is interested how colour, shape and line translate emotions of fellowship and communion between groups of people. Gusse will continue to investigate human connection within communities as she moves to Vancouver in the fall.