Temper Talk

Jes McCoy

Temper Talk is a sculpture and print exhibition that features recognizable modes of communication such as telephone towers, walkie-talkies, rotary dials, and tin can telephones. The print series features two “key” prints: one of the phonetic alphabet from a-z and one of Morse code from a-z. Visitors are encouraged to use the “key” prints to decipher the other coded prints and reveal their secret messages. The Temper Talk exhibition also features a Stamping Station. Using the handmade wooden stamps, visitors can stamp out their own message, secret or not, and hang them in the gallery space or take them home. Temper Talk explores the dialogue, both said and unsaid, of long distance relationships, whether that distance is physical or emotional, between friends, lovers or family members, and facilitates a place for communication and the communion of souls.


Jes McCoy is an Alberta based artist who works primarily in sculpture and printmaking. She graduated from the University of Alberta in 2011 with her BFA and has since then mounted several solo exhibitions, participated in transitory public art projects with the Edmonton Arts Council and done a sculpture residency at Franconia Sculpture Park in Minnesota. Jes’ practice is largely influenced by her blue-collar upbringing: she hand builds all her sculptural pieces and creates artwork with participatory elements to help her viewers engage with her work in a physical way.