What Have You Heard About Us?

ImagiNation Miscellany

Event Programs
What Have You Heard About Us? Story Circle & Art Making Workshop
Sun, June 25, 1 – 4 pm, Churchill Square

What Have You Heard About Us? / What Do You Think About Me? Walkthrough/Panel Discussion Sun, July 2, 1 - 2:30 pm, Churchill Square

What Have You Heard About Us? is a multidisciplinary art installation in which artists and storytellers have created new artwork shaped by story circles, particularly exploring stereotypes faced by Edmonton’s Indigenous and cultural minority communities. What have we heard about groups we identify with and those that are not our own?

ImagiNation Miscellany is a collective of artists coming from various perspectives, cultural backgrounds, birthplaces, and immigration status who will be partaking in multiple dialogues around the question “What Have You Heard About Us?” (the perceived ‘Other’). This key question has spurred the creation of new works from a variety of mediums, including photographs, sketches, cartoons, video projection with installation, image and text. Furthermore, the audience will be invited to converse with artwork that comes with an attached question: “What Do You Think About Me?”

Edmonton is both Treaty 6 Territory and a city of immigrants. There is a growing push for Truth & Reconciliation and for equity & inclusion, but what does the everyday person really think? Can we go beyond the Heritage Days way of celebrating our multicultural mosaic to critically explore where people are at in their knowledge and perceptions of ‘The Other’ before imposing a politically correct way of thinking? What do long-time Edmontonians know about the city’s latest top immigrant source countries, their people, and the issues they face in Canada and at home? What do newly arrived immigrants know about Edmonton’s indigenous population, their concerns, and their successes? These are the types of dialogues the artists would like to have.

Are you a member of an Indigenous and/or cultural minority in Edmonton? Join us for 3 hours of intercultural storytelling and art making where we will be exploring and challenging stereotypes faced by Edmonton’s Indigenous and recent immigrant communities. Artwork created will be exhibited for the remainder of the festival!

“What Have You Heard About Us?” is a question that inspires the art, but what are the artists trying to say through their work? You’re invited to decide what the art means to you! Take a walkthrough and engage in dialogue with some of the artists and storytellers behind the project.


ImagiNation Miscellany began as a recurring artistic showcase in which a miscellany of imaginative people come together to showcase their work, perhaps collaborate and improvise using different art forms – from music to spoken word poetry, photography to video, dance to Hip Hop – and most of all, see who else is in the YEG community with a knack for artistry so future collaborations can be born!

Fren Mah is a Chinese Canadian visual artist currently practicing in painting and print making techniques. He earned his Bachelor of Design from the University of Alberta and is primarily interested in creating artwork that tells stories through the juxtaposition of figure and abstract elements. His art creates connection points that leave us with a clue to the limits of our culture.

Kristina de Guzman is a Manila-born, Edmonton-based creative connector experienced in newcomer outreach and community-engaged arts. She is particularly interested in using arts as a tool to educate, increase civic engagement, create stronger communities through capacity-building, and foster intercultural bridging. Projects include ImagiNation Miscellany; Unpacking Boxes, a showcase in recognition of March 21st International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination; Masala Mix: a Blend of Spices, an artist showcase at Millbourne Market Mall; and Heroes of 107th, which shares stories from Edmonton’s Avenue of Nations through comics, photos, and video.

Garett Strawberry is from O’Chiese First Nation, AB, and completed his post-secondary in Business Management. His artworks are primarily acrylic on canvas and his projects have included research work with the University of Alberta’s Community-University Partnership (CUP) on Early Childhood Development of Aboriginal children. Due to this work, he created a painting to illustrate a year’s worth of research. He has also done calendar covers for Yellowhead Tribal College and has worked as a youth worker for nine years, using art to build relationships with high-risk youth and engage their creativity.

Bushra Yousaf was born in Multan, Pakistan and studied Fine Arts at a Government Degree College for Women in Multan before completing a Bachelors of Design at Bahauddin Zakariya University (BZU) Multan College of Art. With intuitive energy and the use of bold strokes, texture and light, she strives to capture the mood and emotion of her environment. Bushra traveled extensively across the world and now lives in Edmonton. Her life long exploration as an artist has created an eclectic mix of nature, landscape, portraits, abstract, night scenes, animals, and black and white.

Joseph Karaparambil is a self-taught artist, freelance cartoonist, caricature artist, and painter. His works have appeared on print and online medias and are on display in the Romanian Cartoon Museum. His oil paintings were published in “International Contemporary Artists” and his caricature of Indian President Hon. Mr. Pranab Mukherjee exhibited in the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi. In Edmonton, he has exhibited at Masala Mix: a Blend of Spices and Art From the Unknown hosted by Hon. Rachel Notley, and hosted a political satirical program “Ana Mayil Ottakam” in Kili Radio, a Malayalam radio channel.

Emmanuel Osahor is a Nigerian artist currently practicing in Edmonton. He is a graduate from the University of Alberta, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. His artistic practice involves the processes of Painting and Photography. Emmanuel has been involved in numerous community projects such as art workshops with newcomer youth, and collaborative photography projects. Through his work, he uses art as a catalyst for honest and meaningful conversations within his community.