Fold a Fitted Sheet (and) String of Leading Sinew

Alicia Proudfoot

Fold a Fitted Sheet Performances:
Wednesday June 28, noon – 1 pm Thursday June 29, 4:30 – 5:30 pm

This exhibit is a performed visual dialogue between the Individual and Family represented by a fitted sheet. The sheet has an abstraction of a family crest printed on it. The movements of the performance are choreographed from the social appearance of the audience as determined by physical or social cues.








String of Leading Sinew Performances:
Sunday June 25, 2 – 3 pm
Tuesday June 27, 4:30 – 5:30

String of Leading Sinews reintroduces the relationship between an individual and a couch. The couch is gutted to hold a resonant chamber for a stringed instrument. Viewers are invited to play the work and explore in dialogue with an object so intrinsically coded with sentimental value.


Alicia Proudfoot is a Canadian artist, who has recently participated in the spring Artist Internship at Franconia Sculpture Park (2017). She completed her BFA at the University of Alberta in 2016 with honours and is starting her MFA at NSCAD University this fall of 2017. Utilizing sculpture and printmaking, Alicia asserts an interactive component to her installations and encourages others to explore her work on a physical level. Her latest exhibitions were The Artist’s Lens: Urban Setting (2017) – showcasing experimental photography elements with an etching stop motion video installation – as well as See You or Something in September (2016) – featured as a sound artist in a concert hosted by the New Music of Edmonton Society.