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Braden Gates

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by braden gates

i grew up in sturgeon county
north east of the big city, edmonton
i heard fiddle music at the hands of my father
st annes reel, the tennessee waltz, black velvet
i remember falling asleep to the sound of his music
him and his friend john liked to jam on monday nights
i slept well on monday nights, i liked monday nights
i don't like them as much these days

as i hit my teens i became obsessed with playing the fiddle
i would listen to hours of fiddle music every night
mostly canadian fiddlers, like calvin vollrath from st paul alberta
and mark sullivan from bowmanville ontario, don messer too
when i get into something i love or somethging that makes me feel good
 i can't stop
that goes for good things and bad things

after a few years of non-stop fiddling
i heard my neighbour joe nolan play songs and fingerpick
and i knew i wanted to do that too
so i practiced and listened and practiced and listened
graudated from high school
practiced and listened and practiced and listened
partied and practiced and listened and partied
had no idea about anything else in this world
except for how much i wanted to write and play songs
and i still do, always will

i've been fortunate to be able to play these songs
in many places and meet nice people
i've played at open mics and in back yards
in a freaky underground club in utrecht
at a festival in reykjavik
at bar in london england
to a man and his dog in lavigne ontario
i opened for roy forbes once in grande prairie
one time i played some songs in a physics classroom
at a university in giessen germany
my favourite are the open mics i think
cuz there are people who get up and sing because they love to sing
not worried about being very good
just trying to remember the words
i try not to worry about anything
and try to remember that it's a pretty good life
especially when you can live it through song

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