2016 is a Year for Design and Experimentation

by Fren Mah, Design Intern


This year we revamped the festival guide and gave it a fresh layout and new look. The primary goal behind this year’s festival guide is creating a more user friendly and engaging guide for 2016. Designing a festival guide is not easy because of the large number of exhibition sites and partner galleries that are included in each year’s festival, in addition to images, text and print advertisements. Despite the challenges, I think that we successfully met our goals.

Instead of using four columns as we had in previous years, the 2016 guide includes five columns for a more clear reading. In addition, we chose to top align all of the images of the artwork for a cleaner and contemporary gallery aesthetic. The gallery style is more aesthetically pleasing and I hope that the spreads feel more welcoming to our readers than ever before.

As a way of encouraging The Work’s patrons to visit all of the 29 festival sites throughout downtown, we included a new user friendly map. The map is supplemented by a checklist of exhibitions to be sure you catch all the festival sites.

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Fren Mah is an emerging artist and designer from Edmonton, AB. Fren believes that Art and design should inspire transformation and understanding of the modern society. He is interested in creating dialogue and questioning environmental, political and socio-economic issues in the world. Another passion of Mah’s is science and the natural world. He often gathers inspiration from nature, and combines it with urban themes and modernity.

Fren is currently interested in working in printmaking, painting, and graphic design.  To view more of his work, please visit www.frenmah.com

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