Yarn-bombing by: Selené Huff, Production Assistant.

In my time on The Works production team I have: built structures to put art on, helped to erect walls to hang art on, painted said walls and structures that art was hung on, and hung paintings/drawings/fibre art on pre-existing walls. I had never, however, hung a giant knitted piece of fibre art on a post…outside…in the open air…until last Saturday. 

It all started when I was helping open the tents ( in which the walls that I helped to erect, upon the art which I helped to hang, are contained) when I was flagged down by Joan Smith- “Quiltsmith” - and asked to help her cover two pillars in Churchill  square with knit fibre art. Before I knew it, I was teetering atop an 8 foot ladder being instructed and aided by Joan and her associate Heather, in the attachment of their fiber art garden to posts. This action is called “Yarn Bombing”. 

“Yarn-Bombing” or the act of covering a public space in knitting, is used to create a scene in order to bring awareness to the beauty and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of fibre art. In addition, I  helped to attach knitted stuffed birds to the tops of the pillars; or participated in “flash-flocking”. Joan and Heather will be unveiling a special piece of fibre art for Canada Day! Stay tuned to www.theworks.ab.ca or drop on by Churchill Square for more details.


Selené Huff is a student at the University of Alberta pursuing a B.F.A with a focus in sculpture. Selené earned her Journeyman’s ticket and Red Seal in welding from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology and is a long time Site Production volunteer for the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. She creates art that incorporates both her training in Fine Arts and her knowledge and experience of industrial construction. Selené is currently an intern for the Production Team at The Works Festival 2017. In her spare time, Selené is a certified Bikram and Rocket yoga instructor. She enjoys both teaching and practicing yoga in Edmonton. 

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