More to learn

by: Caitlin Davis, Volunteer Administration.

More to Learn.jpg

If there is one thing that I have learned during my time as an artist, it is that there are endless things to learn. You can spend your whole life learning, and still never know everything there is about the growing world of art. Take this year’s interns for example. We come from all backgrounds, all around Canada, and have all lived a different life. Some of us were home-schooled and some of us went to huge schools. Some of us have always known we wanted to be artists, while some had to learn. The majority of us can draw, while some of us attempt to draw. We are poets, painters, sculptors, designers, teachers, anthropologists, majors and minors. But we are all artists in our own way, and we are all here to learn.

Through working long days that will soon be turning into late nights, I’m continuously learning more and more about what being an artist can mean, and just what kind of artist I want to be. The Works Art Internship has been the perfect immersive experience for me to learn from everyone around me, whether they may be other interns, instructors, artists, volunteers, or a tour guide at the Edmonton Waste Management Center. The learning hasn’t stopped since May 4th, and with The Works Festival approaching, it won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

If you get a break, come down to Capital Plaza and see what you can learn. With North America’s largest free art and design festival on the legislature grounds this year, there’s bound to be something that piques your interest. Maybe you’ll even discover that you’re an artist too.

About the author: Caitlin Davis is a first year Design Studies student at MacEwan University from Weyburn, Saskatchewan. She received one of ten entrance scholarships upon being accepted into the program, as well as the Mad Hatter’s Gala Bursary. Currently, Caitlin has a strong interest in print design, including magazines and books, as well as a passion for typography. She has a desire to learn more about the Edmonton Art community and find ways to become deeply involved within it.