A Sneak Peak into the Life of a Design Assistant

By Bianca Ho, Design Assistant


My reasons for wanting to join The Works stemmed from my interest in fine arts, desire to actively design throughout the summer, and the need for practical design experience. I felt it was a good way to place myself in an unfamiliar environment and learn to interact and work with others through design. There are numerous things that school has prepared me for, but there are also as many things that school could not. In school, I have been taught how to think conceptually and apply technical skills, but the opportunity of working with non-designers or variety of departments are rare or non-existent. Moreover, instructors can simulate projects and deadlines for students in the classroom setting, but a deadline in the professional design world is not the same.

I knew I was not completely prepared for the intense workload, especially the festival guide and media kit, but I am not sure if there has ever been a time I felt that way. It was my first time having to work with written content that I had not prepared. At first, the anxious feeling of waiting upon others before I could do my job was nerve-racking. Later on, I learned to accept the situation, relax, and trust my co-workers. The festival guide and media kit are not novel features to The Works Festival. Despite the unavoidable setbacks, these deliverables had been completed in previous years and I knew that this year would be no different. There were definitely times when I doubted my abilities. Thankfully, I had experienced and supportive staff around me to lead me.

The best part comes after the design work is done and a physical copy is in my hands. Time after time, I don’t think the feeling ever changes. It doesn’t matter how miserable, unconfident, or tired I may have felt before, the final product is always rewarding. It was terrifying to be working on a project that I didn’t completely understand, but I think that the only way to understand it was just to do it.

Check out our Festival Guide here: http://www.theworks.ab.ca/festival2014/

Photo Credit: Bianca Ho

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