all the volunteers

By: Becca Stephens, Volunteer Assistant


The Works Art & Design Festival Facebook page, July 1, 2015 

At the start of this internship I had no idea what to expect.  What does “volunteer coordinator” entail? How many volunteers are there? Wait, am I recruiting ALL of the 130+ volunteers??! 

I was excited and more than a little nervous. I discovered about a week in, that the excitement and joy didn’t quite extend to all areas of my job. As an energetic and hands on person, I had little patience for filling in spread sheets, typing up emails and signing paperwork. But as soon we started interviewing volunteers, I knew I had the right job. 

There were people who had been volunteering with this festival longer than I’d been alive. No joke. There were young high school and junior high students who were excited and passionate about getting involved with the arts and the community. I met people who volunteer every single weekend. There is a single mom who works full time, is a mom full time and volunteers (and brings her kids with her) on her weekends and days off. I met an older gentleman who has been volunteering with us for over 20 years and many volunteers who volunteer for all sorts of other places as well.

Just the answers to the simple question “Do you have any previous volunteer experience?” always amaze me. The kind of people who are willing to give their time, effort and passion to a volunteer experience are beautiful and kind people. These are the kind of people I want to spend my time with and learn from. 

You too can sign up to volunteer at The Works, we’d love to have you!

Rebecca (Bexx) Stephens is an art student from the southern United States. She is currently studying at the University of Alberta, working towards a BFA in painting and printmaking. She will graduate in 2019 and then intends to pursue a BEd. Her art currently focuses on themes in nature and the environmental impacts of humans. In 2015 she completed her I.B. Art Diploma and was honoured to have a painting shown in The Works as part of the ‘Best of Edmonton Public Schools’ show. Becca was also awarded the Bob Maskel “Supporting Dreams” Scholarship.  

Aside from art, she spends her spare time reading, listening to music, swimming and long boarding.