Behind the scenes parts

By Jayleen Wilke, Production Assistant

One of the many great things about being an intern for The Works is being directly exposed to the amazing community Edmonton has. During these past months I’ve seen so much of Edmonton I’ve never seen before, or been to before, even though I was born and raised here. The biggest reason for this is because of the giant installation called Canopy by Jose Luis Torres, which you can find in the middle of Churchill square right now.          

Prior to the festival, the production team was running around picking up recycled materials to be a part of the massive sculpture. One of these stops was to the Canadian Bumper Recycling warehouse, where they collect damaged bumpers from collision repair shops. There were a lot of bumpers. Bumpers compressed into big square bales waiting to be shipped away and melted, ready to become something new again. But what really stuck with me was when the owner mentioned that they were just breaking even as a business but diverting thousands of plastic waste from landfills annually.

My whole Works experience so far has been filled with meeting amazing people who do amazing things, which makes my heart happy, and hopefully the Festival can do the same for you! Make sure you check out Canopy, Jose’s sculpture, and see how many bumpers you can find!

Jayleen Wilke is a multi-discipline artist and designer from Edmonton, Alberta. She recently completed her 3rd year of a Bachelor of Design specializing in Industrial Design at the University of Alberta. Her design work focuses on the handcrafted, while her paintings depict landscapes she’s visited; connecting places in nature with people.

Jayleen was awarded top of the class awards in Art 10, Art 20, and Art 35 from St. Joseph High School (2011-2013). She participated in The Whyte Avenue Art Walk for the past two years as well as having work in the Pop Pop Shop (2015), hosted by the SDA from the University of Alberta.