Behind-the-Scenes with a Production Intern

By Kaida Kobylka, Production Assistant

This summer, my main job as a production assistant was to make sure nobody noticed the immense effort that goes on in the months and intense weeks prior to the beginning of Festival. Throughout May and June, we spent long days making sure that our work was never seen at all. When I was a member of the public, I never gave a thought to how the walls in the big tent were raised, how each room was measured out to fit the artwork hanging in it, or even how the walls themselves were constructed. I never noticed the wiring that was hidden throughout the big tent to light the exhibits, or that there are a completely different kind of walls that stand differently in other venues, like city hall. I never thought that somebody was behind-the-scenes building and painting and placing about 70 stanchions (which have the same purpose of pylons) around the square. But that is all a production intern’s job: to make sure that people never even think about how the art got to the venues and how it is hanging there.

When I was a member of the public last year, of course I never noticed the production team’s efforts, but I also missed something else—the artists who are present on the square. Many artists help set up their exhibits and assist the volunteers during the festival to explain it. Some artists are even there every single day! I applaud the commitment displayed by the artists and I really admire all their efforts. Now, as an intern, I see everything at the festival, and it only makes it more amazing in my eyes.