Condition Reporting: The Art of Falling in Love

Posted by Emily MacDonald, Curatorial Assistant

Everything is coming together here at The Works. We’re starting to see multitudes of inspiring, sometimes provocative, sometimes mind blowingly beautiful, but all together powerful works of art coming into the gallery. Unfortunately, the art doesn’t stay here forever. After spending hours condition reporting and writing statements about these dear pieces, it will be hard to let the art  go and share it with all you folks. I guess I’ll have to neglect my deeply rooted emotional attachment, and share. And why shouldn’t I, really? The lineup for the Festival this year has some wonderful exhibitions. Some offer profound questions inherent in the work, which I can’t answer on my own. What is even more wonderful is that some of these questions wouldn’t have even manifested in my mind without these works of art.

A couple of exhibits to look forward to:

Megan Dickie is showing her exhibit, Flips Folly, at one of our partner galleries, Latitude 53. The same sculptures communicating the distance a viewer must maintain to ponder complex intellectual works of art, also invite the viewer’s participation with the objects, ironically, through touch and movement.

Joanne Madeley’s exhibit, Still Turning at Riverside Bistro, plays with the dichotomy of chaos and order in human thought, using gear-based imagery in print and installation.

Pick up a Festival Guide, and check out the rest. Festival is readily approaching. And I know The Works will bring us all a space for the intersection of ideas, as well as a place to create community and shed some light on the culture here in Edmonton.

Christine FrostComment