Discovery at The Works!

Posted by Vanessa Mastronardi, Curatorial Assistant

The Works Art and Design Festival is nine days into its thirteen days of awesome. As an intern working every day, the festival has turned into something so precious and personal. I feel especially lucky because I have the privilege to lead walking tours every day. Despite how tired I may feel at the beginning of these tours, I walk away from them feeling rejuvenated and excited every single time. There is something wild about engaging with strangers about art to find a commonality between us that we hadn’t expected to find. Most of the people on these tours aren’t artists or people who engage with art often. They are people who feel unsure about art and want to be told what the work means. It’s so funny though, because on each tour someone interprets the art in such a way that rings so true to the concept behind the work but with a personal twist. I find this to be so exciting! I never need to explain the artist’s intention, people are so intuitive; they come expecting to have everything explained to them, but they already have the tools they need to create meaning in the work, all they needed was a venue to realize this potential. There is curiosity, followed by discovery at The Works. I think people should always look at art in large groups and have loud, free flowing discussions together. I’ve learned so much about the art at The Works from the people who have signed up for these tours. You should definitely sign up for one soon.

Christine FrostComment