Eating well at the Works

By Jenny Erb, Production Assistant

As a Works Intern I love the art filling the Works Art and Design Festival, but there is more to our festival than just art. There’s food. One of the highlights of every summer event.

Now if you’re like me and try to keep a healthy diet, don’t stress, there are so many ways to get a full balanced meal from The Works Festival food venders. For a start, add some lettuce and tomato to your burger or pick up a salad at Soner Donair with your donair. Check out the fruit stand for an easy healthy snack. And if you are looking for a healthier meal choice try a Crepe or a fresh wrap at Lemon Grass. There are also many vegetarian and vegan options around, including at Curry N Hurry, or Panda Hut. We can’t forget dessert, there are lots of great choices including bubble tea, sweet crepes, ice cream, and fruit. You’ll love the chocolate covered bananas at the ice cream stand (vegan and gluten free).

Of course you don’t have to be healthy all the time. Deep fried foods call all of our names at festivals. One of my favourite guilty pleasures is the deep fried Oreos. So here are some easy tips for eating your fill of fried foods:

Share: Most likely you’re checking out the festival with some friends or family. So if there are a couple of things you want to try, share some plates. If you aren’t here with friends, tell yourself that you are saving half the food for later. Even though we both know you’ll eat it all at once, it’s the thought that counts.

Add fruit to your meal: Apples are a great choice for settling your stomach if you aren’t used to fried foods, pick some up at the fruit stand for your dessert. Another great stomach settler is grape juice, so head to the beer garden and get the red wine flowing, it’s almost the same thing.

Stay hydrated: The best thing you can do to stay feeling great is drink lots of water. If you’re looking for something flavoured try a Gatorade instead of a pop. We wish it did, but beer does not count as water, so keep a 2:1 water:beer ratio if you’re drinking.

Keep coming back throughout the day: Take some time between foods and snack throughout the day. This will give you time to do some walking and burn off those extra calories. Try a longer tour for some exercise filled with incredible art, or do some high energy dancing while enjoying the live bands.

Cheers, see you in the beer garden after the walking tours.

Jenny Erb is an emerging new media and sculpture artist from Windsor Ont. She is currently studying entertainment technology at St. Clair College Windsor, after studying for two years at the Beal Art program in London, Ont.

Jenny’s artwork focuses on the interaction between light and movement. She uses technology to collaborate with musicians and integrated media artists, and has participated in group art exhibits in London, Stratford and Toronto.