Festival Nostalgia

Posted by Melissa Cayford, Production Assistant

Being part of a festival begins as a nostalgic affair.  It starts off with a small spark in the air as we began talking about it at orientation. Then, as all romances you fall in a sort of lull.  There are daily duties to be done, from scrubbing banners to painting walls.  Trading designer jeans for grubby t-shirts and old sweatpants.  Just when you begin to think,  “ will we ever get there? ”, and “how is this festival even going to take shape with a few walls?”. Then, the moment you step foot on Churchill Square, you know for a fact that this festival is gonna happen! Suddenly tents are popping up all over the place and you get that nostalgic feeling back.  The excitement begins to build up all over the square.  Even the people of the square know it.  They feel it in their bones, as we scurry over the square like mice on a mission, determined to get all those walls up in order to install art.  Our grand finale is opening for the first day.  Hearing the words, “what is this?”, then seeing the people interact and react to the art.  Two fun exhibits are the Carrousel, of course, which although powered only by human energy, still gets laughs, excitement and amusement from all ages as they ride over and over again.  The second one, is the Criptease tent.  Definitely an exhibit I would check out, it appears to be scandalous at first site, the prints give the illusion of an obese woman being photographed nude. However, the delightful twist is that they are pictures of a woman’s hand close up.  I can’t say anymore, you have to come down and check it out yourself! See you on the square!