How a Festival is MADE


Matthew Carr, Production Assistant

“Waste Not, Want Not” is an idiom tailored to suit the MADE Furniture Design Competition that takes place every year during The Works Art and Design Festival in Downtown Edmonton. Within a day the participants manage to create inventive and beautiful furniture pieces with discarded and misshapen scraps of wood. This day of hard, creative work captures the spirit of what it takes to put on the festival—behind-the-scenes.   

My short time as a Production Intern with The Works Art and Design Festival has shown me the perseverance and dedication required to put on a festival of this scale and duration while also ensuring the festival is FREE to all who want to attend. Every year the employees and volunteers for The Works make something from the ground up, creating a spectacle on Churchill Square all while facing the difficulties of being an admission free event and therefore operating on a tight budget.  

Like the roughly hewn pieces of wood in the MADE Furniture Design competition, the benefits of corporate sponsorship, attendant donations, government grants and long hours of work come together and are put to good use to form an annually changing festival which continues to entertain and expand the minds of its visitors every year.

If you want to get into the spirit of The Works Art and Design Festival be sure to come down to Churchill Square to check out the MADE  Furniture Design Competition happening this Saturday June 27 from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M..

Check out our Festival Guide to learn more about what’s happening on the Square this weekend!

Christine FrostComment