How to Make Sidewalk Chalk! (and why you should volunteer at The Works)

To kick off our blog this Festival Season, we asked our Volunteer Department one simple question: What is the best part of your job at The Works?

Carly Ball, Volunteer Assistant: 

An exciting aspect about working in the volunteer department is that you get to plan two parties for volunteers: a recruitment party AND an appreciation party! At the beginning of June, we held The Works Festival’s Volunteer Recruitment Party with the theme - Sidewalk Chalk! In honour of The Works 30th year we collaborated with the party goers to find 30 different ways to use chalk. Some different ideas included chalk bombs, squeeze chalk, chalk rake, spray chalk, frozen chalk, stencils and good old hopscotch.

Did you know you can make your own sidewalk chalk?

Toilet paper tubes                          

 ¾ cup warm waterDuct tape                                          

1 ½ cups Plaster of Paris

Waxed Paper                                     

2-3 tablespoons of tempura paint 

Line your paper tubes with wax paper and tape off one end. Combine your water, Plaster of Paris and paint. Pour liquid mixture into tubes and let dry for two days or until plaster is dry. Voila… you’ve made your very own sidewalk chalk!


Dana McLean, Volunteer Coordinator:

The first couple of months of the internship have come and gone so quickly that I haven’t even had time to think of something clever to say about all of this. BUT despite how fast time has passed and how quickly festival is upon us, it is a sure sign that this is a fun place to be. Working in the office and being around everyone has been wonderful, and such a great learning experience. Now I can’t even wait to meet all the lovely volunteers who have signed up to help out at festival this year. I am always amazed at how many people will give their free time up for festivals, it shows how much people support their community and take an interest in arts and design. I am looking forward to being on the square with everyone and being around so many amazing things!

So everyone should come hang out with us, volunteer a few hours of your time and come be part of something amazing!

It’s never too late: Sign up to volunteer today!

Christine FrostComment