Human Energy: The Power of Community

Posted by Cara Seccafien, Curatorial Lead Supervisor

Last fall, when I first found out about the 2013 Festival theme, Human Energy, my body knew that I would be back at the Works, even before I knew it in my head. I’m not even sure if I was asked back as Curatorial Lead Supervisor; I think I followed a desire line* in the ground.

 I immediately connected Human Energy to bodies; that is the politics around bodies, gender, and sexuality. I made this connection because I am constantly thinking about body politics in my own artistic practice. My immediate sensitivity to the Festival theme is one string among many that tied me to The Works last fall, before I left to finish my degree. When I graduated, I just pulled on that string and it led me back.

What I hadn’t thought of at that time was Human Energy as an energy of community. This is the kind of energy that manifests itself in political movements, artistic collectives, and festival internship teams. This is the energy that I see every day at work.

The truth is The Works is a body of energy, so massive and alive, that it has a gravity unto itself that will continue to pull you in. Those who volunteer or devotedly attend get to take home a piece, and enter into a beautiful community that defies all “Deadmonton” stereotypes. I highly recommend it.

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*a path created as consequence of foot traffic