Production at The Works: Long Days with Loverboy

Posted by Alison Prsa, Production Assistant

Being a production assistant for The Works leading up to the festival is a unique experience. The production team consists of ten people in total. We complete a variety of tasks that involve muscles, creativity, brainpower, and Loverboy. When we first received our Loverboy CD, it was a blessing as our radio was beginning to fail us. The music of the eighties flooded the bunker and helped our steel toes and gloved hands move a little faster. As Loverboy became a permanent fixture in our workdays, everyone but Betty-Jo started to have mixed feelings for the CD. I’m sure that we all have a secret appreciation for Loverboy’s contagious energy but the music never fails to follow us home. And as our brain replays these songs repeatedly at all hours of the day, we can only think of plinths, power tools, grubby clothes, the bunker, and our production team. What this must mean is that Loverboy has provided the theme songs for our team, to be overplayed and sung along to as we get closer to the festival and begin workin’ for the weekend.

Christine FrostComment