Stepping into the Working World

Dalaine Wall, Design Assistant

As a student I initially felt unqualified and nervous about stepping out of post-secondary and into a “real life” situation. But the urge to prove myself pushed past these feelings of apprehension and I applied to the Works to Work Internship. Thus far The Works internship program has delivered on its promise of: mentorship, continuous learning, and relevant experience. 

They have perfected the balance of guided and self-directed work, giving me the space to grow as a person and a designer. Through this my confidence has grown and I have become more willing to take chances and make mistakes. 

Completing design work in a real life situation is dramatically different compared to a school situation. Each project is still educational, stressful, and rewarding. However it feels different, the key reason for this is teamwork.  The workflow is different as everyone has a symbiotic relationship to each other. 

As the design intern I gain information and projects from multiple departments. This is really exciting as it provides me with insights into each area. This insight is a privilege and a rare opportunity as I get to understand how each department supports each other. Which I believe is easy to lose sight of when you are not directly working with another department.

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