Why Edmonton?

By Lucille Frost, Marketing Coordinator

This is a question many locals ask themselves while they bear through the long cold months of winter and one that I have answered many times in the years I have lived here. The feeling of triumph every spring when the city blooms back to life and the bleak grey sky transforms to the kaleidoscope of color. I choose to stay in Edmonton because of the way the sky and the city transform itself into living art every year, this is what I draw my creative inspiration from. Without the stark contrast in the seasons I would not be able to appreciate the transformation for its brevity and for its sublime power.

As an artist I find myself bonded to this meeting of sky and land, to the proportions of our horizons. When I have traveled and returned I find that I must reacclimatize to the overwhelming size of the sky stretching above, to the vast expanses of this intangible beauty that is always evolving. I fall in love with the combination of color and form that are created in the sky-scape, I fall in love and moments later the masterpiece I adore has drifted away and a new composition sits before me. The way the sky decorates our city is one of the things I love most about Edmonton being the home to The Works Festival, it is like having a performance piece constantly transitioning over the festival and engaging an experience entirely unique to this place and time.