Works to Work: An Interior Designer's Perspective

Posted by Shelby Nichol

When I was offered the chance to complete my practicum for my interior design diploma at The Works Art and Design Festival I was equal parts excited and nervous. Excitement was easy to feel because working for a festival was sure to be a lot of fun and super unique compared to the practicum the rest of my class would be completing. Nervousness was also an overwhelming feeling because I was scared that I would feel out of place with the other interns that were all going to be artists. I was also scared that everything I would learn would not be directly related or beneficial to my interior design career. I am so glad my nervous feelings were completely abolished when I showed up at The Works office on May 3rd for my first day of work and orientation.


When I got the work the first day it was clear that everybody I would be working with was awesome and easy to get along with. My fear that everybody would be a professional artist or fine arts student also disappeared when I found out I was not the only intern who did not come from a BFA background. My attitude changed quickly that day and all my excitement I had before the internship begun completely took over and I was looking forward to an educational summer full of new experiences.


I now feel a bit silly to admit that I was nervous that The Works to Works Internship would not be related to my career path because I learned so many great things that I can use in my professional career for the rest of my life. The internship was a great chance to work with a team in a professional atmosphere that was not a group school project. Everything we learned in the class and practical work experience was great. It is never a bad idea for an interior designer to know some extra little tidbits like how to properly hang art or set up temporary walls.

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