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Malleus Trio

Malleus Trio


Geordie Hart – Upright Bass

Dominic Conway – Tenor Saxophone

Ben Brown – Drum Kit


Malleus Trio is an exciting instrumental band based out of Vancouver, B.C. Their music seamlessly weaves together high-octane improvisation with original compositions executed by a musical rapport forged over more than a decade. Sought-after players in their own right, the members of Malleus Trio remain active in various bands from distinctly different genres (Boom Booms, Pugs and Crows and Coco Jafro)

This diverse experience and palpable chemistry pulses through a music that is unconventional yet accessible. They released their acclaimed debut album in 2017. Their follow up record Play Nice is a new collection of songs that showcase their exemplary skills and remarkable scope. The trio will celebrate the release of the album at the prestigious Cultch Theatre (Vancouver) followed by performances at summer jazz festivals in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Halifax  as well as several shows in between. With this new record in hand, Malleus Trio map new terrain for open-minded ears.


This event is part of the Works With Jazz series, a collaboration brought to you in part by TD Edmonton International Jazz Festival