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Raylene Campbell


Raylene Campbell

Raylene Campbell is an Edmonton-based sound and media artist, who embraces various creative practices including improvisation, composition, performance art, sound and image, public intervention, and Deep Listening. The focus of her creative process involves explorations of acoustic ecology, psychogeography, computer interactive technology, and audience interactivity. 

Raylene Campbell’s improvised performance is built on a search for subtle sound textures and offers a unique musical experience mixing together various approaches from free improvisation and Deep Listening® to Musique concrète. She gently moves into chosen sonic spaces and takes time exploring and experimenting with the emerging materials of the improvisational moment. Through her Deep Listening practice, Raylene works extensively with tones triggered by the Therevox’s analog oscillators, studio recordings of freebass accordion improvisation, field recordings from various locations, and live processing. She improvises simple and complex tones, which dance throughout the space and resonate within the audience, creating a profound, visceral conversation between the performer and listeners.

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