Photo Credit:  Douglas Clark 1988

Photo Credit:Douglas Clark 1988

June 30 - July 10, 1988
Feature Image: Gordon Ferguson, Red Head, 1986

Sandra Tivy and Nelson Hendricks
Male / Female

Performed at The Great West Saddlery Building, Male / Female presented a new look at gender roles. Two actors, a man and a woman, analyzed gender expectations through their interaction with music, recorded text, various props and each other. The result was a reinterpretation of stereotypical roles that created a new romantic ideal.

Photo Credit:  Douglas Clark 1988

Photo Credit:Douglas Clark 1988

Canadian Culture Centre

The Centre of Canadian Culture is: (Check One)

Toronto                  somewhere in Manitoba            boring
                the CBC                                          in my head
              Anne Murray                                not real
              imported                                       a joke
                   meaningless                                  other.

Photo Credit:  Douglas Clark 1988

Photo Credit:Douglas Clark 1988

Cameron Graham
#1, #2, #3. #4 

With work made of largely synthetic materials, artist Cameron Graham manipulated plastic to create a contradiction of expected forms. By evoking a naturalistic sensibility to man-made materials, Graham created works that spoke to a cycle of synthetic dissolution. 


The Works “Red Head /Red Hot” Featured Artist Exhibits

 Gordon Ferguson – “Red Head” Cover of The Works Festival Guide

Gail Bachynski – “Window Collaboration” Blu’s Manulife Place, 101 Street and 101 Avenue.

Graham Boardman –“Go Ahead, Make My Day…”, Manulife Place

Joyan Borman –“Kitchen Icons”, Manulife Place

Daniel Dion – “Anicca”, Manulife Place

Leigh Harrington – “Denise’s House and Vase”, Manulife Place

Mary Catherine Newcomb – “Other Worlds”, Manulife Place

Glen Paul and Aubrey Dayman – “Sunburn”, Manulife Place

Douglas Clark – “Articles of Faith”, Phipps-McKinnon Building, 10020 101a Avenue.

JoAnna Lange – “Menhir” , Manulife Place

Margaret Lawther –“Hill; House Window Fragments” Manulife Place

Carol and Richard Selfridge – “Altered Vessels”, Boardwalk Market, 10310-102Ave.

Dean Tatum Reeves – “Watercolor Skies”, Boardwalk Market

Carl Granzow – “Case Siting” , Edmonton Centre, 10088 102 Avenue.

William Truchon – “Bowls”, Edmonton Centre

John Chalke and Barbara Tipton – “Ceramic Art”, Edmonton Centre

Scott Marsden –“A Question of Balance”, Edmonton Centre

Amy Luk-Loewan – “A View From Within”, Artist at Work Demos, Ramada Renaissance Hotel, 10155-105 St

Graham Peacock – “Open Studio”, 10048 Rice Howard Way

Gerald Fauldner & Mitch Smith – “Open Studio”, 10330-104 St.

Peter Hide – “Sculptures”, Sir Winston Churchill Square

Michel Bussieres – “Edmonton”

Ric Kokotovich –“Spontaneous Image”, Sidetrack Café 10333-112 St

Richard White & Ferdinando Spina –“G.A.P.” The Four Seasons Hotel 10235 101 Street.

Wayne Fletcher – “Photographs”, 101 Street Building

Blair Brennan - “Three Things I Know About Magic”, 97 St & 102 Ave

Leslie Wagner –“Chaise Lounge”, Metropolitan Place, 10301 Jasper Ave.

Helen Muskal – “Reflections”, Mongolian Food Experience Restaurant

Jane Pawson – “ Dream Shines” , Centennial Library Plaza, 100St & 101A Ave.

Nelson Shaw – “Hard Core Sculpture”, Centennial Library Plaza, 100St & 101A Ave.

Richard Purdy – “Furiae: The History of Culture X” Bsmt 10154-103 St.

Ohio Symposium - “ Live from Canada” Featured Artists: Walter Ostrom, Leopold Foulem, Irish Flynn, Robert Archambeau, Joe Fafard, 
Sally Barbier, Sally Michener, Chuck Wissinger.


Featured Community Arts Groups, Post Secondary Institutions, Art OrganizationsWorkshops

Red Deer College Residence Program – Featured Artists: Irish Flynn, Paul & Katrina Rozman, Kirsten Abrahamsen
Bank of Montreal, 10199 101 Avenue. 

Red Deer College Student Exhibit –“R.D. X 3D”

Louise Neaderland International Society of Copier Artists – “Iscagraphics”, Copier Art Workshops, Centennial Library, 100St & 101A Ave.

Richard Purdy – “Built Worlds” Workshop

Kirk R. Miles & Bruce Pashak – Spontaneity Art, Manulife Place, 101 Street and 101 Avenue.

Sculptors Association Of Alberta – Manulife Place

Alberta Society of Artists – “Self Portrait”, Manulife Place

Stride Gallery – Group Exhibit, Manulife Place.  Artists Featured: Mary Shannon Will, Chris Cran, William MacDonnell, John Will, 
Pam King and Billy J. McCarroll.

NAIT Photography Students – “A Ball of Yarn”, 101 Street Building

University of Alberta Faculty of Extension – Manulife Place, Lecture Series

Friends of the University of Alberta Museums – “A University Collects”, Manulife Place.

“Celebration of Women in The Works” – organized by Celebration of Women in the Arts. Manulife Place.

Edmonton transit – “Artists Underground”, Downtown LRT stations

The Works High School Banner Competition            

Latitude 53               

Edmonton Art Gallery

Mail Art – Public Participatory Art Project, Centennial Library Plaza 100St 101A Ave


Festival Photographer – Mark Arneson