Photo Credit: Eleanor Lazare,1992

Photo Credit: Eleanor Lazare,1992

June 26 – July 8, 1992
"Super Vision"

North: Hot Clay from Cold Climates
Nina Hole, Wolf House

As part of The Works Artists Interchange Program, North featured ceramics from the circumpolar regions of the globe. The exhibit brought artists from Canada, Alaska, and the Nordic regions of Europe, including the Baltics and the former Soviet Union. Co- curators Chuck Wissinger (Red Deer College), Ole Lislerud (Oslo Symposium of Ceramic Arts), Joel Eddie (Northern Arizona State University) Randy Schmidt and Joyce Jablonski (Lakeside Studio, Chicago) all assisted in the selection of works for the exhibit. Their goal was to take a second look at the definition of art using ceramics and the sculptural side of pottery as their starting point.

Photo Credit:Peter Tayler,1992

Photo Credit:Peter Tayler,1992

Richard Pottruff

By redefining the genre of still life, Pottruff’s drawings at the 1992 Festival reconfigured everyday technological objects to create strange figures and scenes. Drawn on a large scale, Pottruff challenged assumptions that drawing is somehow only the beginning point of art.



Photo Credit:Eleanor Lazare,1992

Photo Credit:Eleanor Lazare,1992

Sir Winston Churchill Square 
Pottery Demonstration

The Southwest Cultural Centre provided artist demonstrations on Sir Winston Churchill Square, including silver-smithing, painting, drawing and pottery. Bringing the work of artists into the public eye is another direction The Works has taken to make art accessible to everyone.

The Works “SuperVision” Featured Artist Exhibits

Nick Dobson, “ The Burning Sedan,” Manulife Place, 101 Street and 101 Avenue.

High School Banner Competition, Manulife Place retail stores.
co-curated Chuck Wissinger, Ole Lislerud, Randy Shmidt, Joyce Jablonski, Joel Edie, “North,” Art Evo Gallery, 10150 Jasper Avenue.

The Legacy Project, “Columns,” City Centre, 10150 Jasper Avenue.

Masquirx: Ron Carmichael, Geoffrey Gerwing, Shawn Kinley, Kathleen Foreman, Alexandria Patience, Betty and John Poulen, 
“pAst/pResent” City Centre, 10155-102 Street.

Peter Voice, Beverly Isaac, Ulla Taylor, Jenny McCracken and Roland Josuttis, Australian Chalk Artists, Churchill Square.

Randall Fraser, “Flight Over Water,” Churchill Square.

Heather Shillingslaw, Artist At Work Demonstration, Churchill Square.

Jasper Avenue Stroll / Window Watching Program
Curator Chuck Wissinger, artists Robert Archambeau, Debra Cherniawsky, Susanna Fergiamo, Zsusanna Formanek, Jim Leedy, Ole Liserud, Randy Schmidt, Chuck Wissinger, “Nexus,” Canada Place, 9797 102 Avenue.

J.B. Godfrey, “ Misplaced Wilderness,” Convention Centre, 9797 Jasper Avenue.

Kevin Smith, “A Number of Windows,” City Centre Building.

Susan Gunderson, “See-Saw Memorial,” Royal Bank, 10117 Jasper Avenue.

Eisert Hall, “Believing is Seeing Both Sides of It,” Royal Bank.

Sidsel Naess Bradley, “The Pillar Series,” IPL Tower, 10201 Jasper Avenue,

Denis F. Gautier-Villon, “Industrial Lanscape #6,” McBain Camera, 10203 Jasper Avenue.

Dean Reeves, “One Century: Views of Jasper Avenue,” The Hudson’s Bay Centre, 10230 Jasper Avenue.

Karen Baltgailis, “Immortal Coil,” Hudson’s Bay Centre.

Jeff Collins, “Untitled,” Divine Inc., 10320 Jasper Avenue.

Kaj Korvela, “Somewhere in Between,” Metropolitan Place, 10303 Jasper Avenue.

JoAnne Schachtel, “The Garden,” Standard Life Centre, 10405 Jasper Avenue.

Susan Montalbetti, “Untitled,” Birks Building, 10155 102 Street.

Thomas Udell, “The Prophets of Passion,” Burlington Art, 10040 104 Street.

Candace Makowichuk, “Mistreatment,” Carousel Photographics, 10525 Jasper Avenue.

Caren DeCremer, Reach for Knowledge,” Audrey’s Books, 10702 Jasper Avenue.

Bankhead Project, “The Bankhead Project,” Edmonton Public Library, 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Dale Roth and Michelle Ramberg, “Watching the Wheels,” Edmonton Public Library.

“New City Hall Banner Design Winners,” Edmonton Public Library.

“New Edmonton City Hall Art Project,” Citadel Theatre.

Nelson Shaw, “Time – Space – Solitude,” Scotia Place, 10060 Jasper Avenue.

Kathryn Burns, “(de-con) Structure and Façade,” Scotia Place.

Glenn Guillet, “Mobius Variations,” Edmonton Centre, 10088 102 Avenue.

Taffi Roen, “Goddesses,” Centennial Building, 10030 103 Avenue.

Graham Peacock, “Graham Peacock’s Open Studio,” 10048 Rice Howard Way.

Michael Burns, Laura Fizell, Doug Jamha, Susan Shannon, and Graham Peacock, “Five at the Ramsey,” 10048 Rice Howard Way.

Richard Pottruff, “Untitled,” IPL Tower, 10201 Jasper Avenue.

James Slingerland, “And they swam, and they swam,” IPL Tower

Karen Baltgaillis, “Human Nature,” Melton Building, 10310 Jasper Avenue.

David LaRiviere, “The Implements of War,” Beaver House, 10158 103 Street.

Brenda Byrne, “Female Sexuality: Composed, Proposed, or Natural?” Beaver House.

Roger Evans, “Untitled,” Vik Gallery, 10129 104 Street.

Ben Wong, “Go Beyond the Wall,” Standard Life Centre, 10405 Jasper Avenue.

Tommie Gallie, Bob Campbell, Ben Wong, “Artists’ Choice,” Harcourt House, 10235 112 Street.

Stephen Mack, “Recent Paintings,” Eaton Centre, 10200 102 Avenue.

Lorraine Toohey, “New Work,” Holt’s Café, Manulife Place.

Isabelle Hunt-Johnson, “Golden Asanas,” Select Restaurant and Bar, 10180 101 Street.

Geoffery Ffoulkes-Jones, “Recent Paintings,” Rigoletto’s Café, 10044 101a Avenue.

Michelle Demers, “The Other Side of Paris,” Café Select, 10018 106 Street.

“Gallery Sculpture Tribute” The Westin Hotel, 10135 100 Street.

James K. Hill, “Abstract Totems,” Hotel Macdonald, 10065 100 Street.

Katherine Sicotte, “Passion,” Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, 10111 Belamy Hill.

Barbara Hirst, “Vistas,” Ramada Renaissance Boulevard Café, 10155 105 Street.

1992 Featured Community Arts Groups, Post Secondary Institutions, Art OrganizationsWorkshops

Alberta Craft Council, “Reflections of Tradition,” Manulife Place.

Alberta Foundation of the Arts, “About-face,” Standard Life Centre, 10405 Jasper Avenue.

Alberta Society of Artists, “My Name is Tom Three Persons,” Manulife Place.

BFA Graduate Society, “Step Two,” Royal LePage Building, 10130 103 Street.

Celebration of Women in the Arts, “Vessels of Vision,” Manulife Place,

Edmonton Art Gallery, “Wooden Synagogues: Lost Architectural Treasures,” “Alberta Survey: New Landscapes,” “Innate Sense: The Intuitive Arts in Alberta,” “Sculpture from the Gallery’s Collection,” “Jane Ash Poitras: Who Discovered the Americas?” “Orest Semchishen: Prairie Images,” 2 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Edmonton Opera, Opera Ball Portrait Fundraiser.

Film and Video Association (FAVA), “Selected Works by Edmonton Artists,” Manulife Place.

Grant MacEwan College Students, “Untitled,” Royal LePage Building 10130 103 Street.

Keyano College, Visual Art Faculty, “ Boreal Buoys,” Manulife Place.

Sculptor’s Association of Alberta, “T(h)ree sic Dance,” Edmonton Public Library.

University of Lethbridge, “From Soup to Nuts: Pop Art, its legacy and the culture of consumption,” Manulife Place.