Photo Credit:Tina Chang,1993

Photo Credit:Tina Chang,1993

June 25 – July 7, 1993
Feature Image by Richard Pottruff

Keynote Exhibit 1993:
Canada’s First People – A Celebration of Contemporary Native Visual Arts
Curated by Dana Williams
Produced by The Alberta Part Art Society (1981)
The keynote exhibit in 1993 featured a diverse group of 28 Canadian First Nations Artists. Canada’s First People - A Celebration of Contemporary Native Visual Arts included a wide range of themes and mediums, representing the broad range of influences in contemporary native art. These paintings, drawings, photography, carving, and mixed media works made references to the concerns of First Nations Peoples. Many issues developed out of a sense of anger and frustration, but there was also hope &insight for the future.

Photo Credit: Tina Chang,1993

Photo Credit: Tina Chang,1993

Cycle Circus
Helen Baier Buzik (Sculptor), Julie Funk (Dancer)
and Helen Miller (Choreographer)

A collaborative event integrating ceramics and dance, Cycle Circus was an installation that represented a "circular web of life." Its narrative explored the representation of three archetypal characters inherent to the human cycle of life. These characters, the Gatherer, the Hunter and the Fool, were originally in a dream that Miller expressed through her choreography. The collaboration between Buzik, Funk and Miller resulted in a work that merged spatial perception with time and movement.



Photo Credit: Tina Chang,1993

Photo Credit: Tina Chang,1993

Subversive Textiles Association of Artists

Part of The Works Window Watching Program, designed to bring art to the pedestrian traffic along Jasper Avenue, SUBTEXT was one of many small-scale exhibitions. A metaphor for everyday life, in which regular household objects and materials celebrate a nurturing environment, SUBTEXT explored the relationship between covering and uncovering domestic social issues.





The Works Featured Artist Exhibits

Richard Pottruff – The Works Festival Guide cover art

“Canada’s First People – A Celebration of Contemporary Native Visual Arts,” City Centre Building, 10155 Jasper Avenue.

“Columns: The Works 1992 Legacy Project,” City Centre Building.

Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen, “Feeding the Beast: Delainey and Rasmussen,” City Centre Building.

Tom Gale, “Angels in Architecture – Every Angel is Terrifying,” City Centre Bulding.

Fred Brown, “Natural Resource: High Voltage,” Manulife Place, 101 Street & 101 Avenue.

David More, “Forest Fade to Silent,” Manulife Place.

Hugh Merrill, “Vidalita I, Vidalita II,” Manulife Place.

Alberta Glass Artists, “Glass Art,” Manulife Place.

Dean Smale, ‘Heroic Bellies,” Manulife Place.

Mitchell Stuart, “Pangæan Window,” Manulife Place.

Helen Baier Buzik, Julie Funk,  Helen Miller, “Cycle Circus,” Manulife Place.

Violet Owen, “Untitled,” Select Restaurant and Bar, 10180 101 Street.

Hugh Merrill “Print Display,” The Boardwalk Market, 10310-102Ave.

Joyce Jablonski, “Ceramics Display,” Extension Centre Gallery, University of Alberta, 83 Avenue & 112 Street.

James Tyler Irvine, Steve Dyson, Sherrie Ritchie, Mike Gelfand, “ In Preservation of Ginger,” Boystown Café

Miles-Ellis, “LOVELY BUNS – THE SEXY DOLL.” Period included Boystown Café

Peter Voice, World Champion Chalk Artist, Jasper Avenue.

Gloria Belcher, Ann Manning, and Lindley McDougall, “ The Lamb,” Edmonton Public Library, 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Randall Kabatoff and Gary Oker, “Wisdom,” Edmonton Public Library.

“Visions and Voices: AForum on Native People and the Arts,” Edmonton Public Library.

Debra Cherniawsky, “New Works,” Rigoletto’s Café, 10044 101A Avenue.

Kim Huynh, “Subjects and Power,” The Citadel Theatre, 9828 101A Avenue.

Heather Shillingslaw – National Film Board of Canada, “Metis Women; A Progression Through Time,” Canada Place, 9777 102 Avenue..

Douglas Bentham, “The Eternals – New Sculpture by Douglas Bentham,” Canada Place.

Joyce Jablonski, “A Moment to the Sojourn of a Pinnace Part of the Call Series,” Canada Place

Steven Mack, “Earth and Seed,” Woodwards, Edmonton Centre, 102 Avenue & 100 Street.

Rick Pottruff, “Are We There Yet?” Edmonton Centre,

Adèle Knowler, “Life Changes,” Edmonton Centre

Dana Rae Shukster, “Masque Metamorphosis,” Centennial Building 10030 103 Avenue.

D’arcy Rogusky, “Just another Rugnugget,” College Copy Shop10019 103A Avenue.

Coyotes Howl Again (Alan Brownoff, Anna Bagan, Daniel Bagan, E.J. Pigneau, John Maywood, Lee Bale, Tommie Gallie, Robert Van Schaik, Donna Groot, Robert Campbell, Jim Davies, Carla Costuros, Adèle Knowler, Monica Tap, “Frontier,” Canada Trust, 10036 Jasper Avenue.

Candace Makowichuk, “Multiple Visions, an installation,” The Empire Building, 10080 Jasper Avenue.

Leonard Penny, Todd Tedeschini, Karl Bergen, Lyndon McLaren, Greg Stirling, Rick Decore, “Bawlz,” The Melton Building, 10310 Jasper Avenue.

Vladmir Sevcik, “Realist Classicism in the 1990s by Vladmir Sevcik,” The Hudson’s Bay Building, 10230 Jasper Avenue.

Brad Blasko, “Vintage Chrome,” The Hudson’s Bay Building.

D’arcy J. Rogusky, “ Black and White Rugnuggets,” CHQT Building, 10154 103 Street.

Robert D. von Eschen, “Coffee Works,” Edmonton Renaissance Hotel, The Boulevard Dining Room, 10155 105 Street.

Linda O’Neill Zukowski, “Objectscapes,” Edmonton Renaissance Hotel.

Derrick Denholm, “Three Forest Scenes,” Sunflower Café, 10020 103 Street.

“Faces of Life – an AIDS Benefit,” The Roost Rumpusroom and Underground, 10345 104 Street.

Jeffrey Graham, “ Interrogation of Desire,” Harcourt House, 10215 112 Street.

Morley Hollenberg, George Koller, John McDowell, Mysken Woods, “Brushes on Fire,” 101 Street Building.


Jasper Avenue Window Watching Program:

The Works High School Banner Competition, “Dinosaurs,” Edmonton Convention Centre, 9797 Jasper Avenue.

CityCentre Design Team, “FUN WITH DICK AND JANE (WITHOUT NAMING ANY NAMES): A NUIMBER OF WINDOWS II,” City Centre Building, 10155-102 Street.

Tony Reid, “Kinetic Earth,” Capitol Square, 10060 Jasper Avenue.

Christina Saruk Reid, “Untitled,” Royal Bank, 10117 Jasper Avenue.

Penelope Stewart, “L’invisibilite: un acquis de longue date/Being invisible is well practiced,” IPL Tower, 10201 Jasper Avenue.

Helen Sibelius, “Body Mapping,” IPL Tower, 10209 Jasper Avenue.

Shanna Miller, “Heroic,” The Hudson’s Bay Building, 10230 Jasper Avenue.

Louise Asselstine, “Fragments,” McBain Camera, 10247 Jasper Avenue.

Carl Granzow, “Scientific Prejudices Favored Other Explanations,” 10247 Jasper Avenue.

Michelle Neilson, “Totems,” Metropolitan Place, 10309 Jasper Avenue.

Subversive Textiles Association of Artists – SUBTEXT, “Subversive Textiles,” Birks Building, 104 Street and Jasper Avenue.

Denis F. Gautier-Vilon, “Homo Ex machine,” Standard Life Centre, 10405 Jasper Avenue.

Gerald Richardson, “Still Lives,” Burlington Art Supply, 10040 100 Street

Tina Chang, “Synergy,” Carousel Photographics, 10525 Jasper Avenue.

Shannon Pedersen, “Souls, Saints, and Soup-bones,” Audrey’s Books, 10702 Jasper Avenue.

Maureen Harvey, “Faces,” Mayfair Hotel, Wally’s Café, 10815 Jasper Avenue.

Red Deer College, “Spirit of Legacy,” Mayfair Hotel, 107 Street & Jasper Avenue.


Featured Community Arts Groups, Post Secondary Institutions, Art OrganizationsWorkshops

Alberta Society of Artists, “Focusing: a series of mini exhibition by the Alberta Society of Artists,” Manulife Place.

Red Deer College Residency Program, “North Star to Southern Cross,” Manulife Place.

Fotofeis – Scottish International Festival of Photography, “Digital Landscapes,” Manulife Place.

Alberta Craft Council, “Alberta Home Made,” Manulife Place.

Sculptor’s Association of Alberta, “Figure and Form,” Manulilfe Place.

University Faculty of Extension, “Faculty of Extension Exhibition,” Manulife Place.

Keyano College, “Keyano College Art Student Exhibition,” Manulife Place.

Edmonton Art Gallery, “From Sea to Sea: The Development of Art in Canada,” “The Prints of Christopher Pratt,” “Lazare Markovitch Khidekel Suprematist works 1920-1924,” “Local Stories,” “To Touch: an installation by Janet Cardiff,” “Sculpture by Invitation.”

Film and Video Arts Society, “Ars Artium: A FAVA Retrospective,” Edmonton Public Library.

Wisdom Communications and Alberta Part Art Publications, “Symbols,” Edmonton Public Library.

Formolo Dance, “Greeting the Morning,” City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

The Theatre of the New Heart, “ In the Teeth of the Shore/Standing Close,” City Hall.

The Indian Printmakers Guild, “The Indian Printmakers Guild,” Scotia Place

The Works High School Banner Competition