The Works “New Dimensions” 10th Anniversary Featured Artist Exhibits

Susan Como, “Window House,” Winston Churchill Square.

Hugh Merrill, “Nova Huta: Rising: Vital Passages, Journeying from Ideal to Ether,” City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Barbara Pankrantz, Sophia Podryhula Shaw, “Spirits of the Boreal,” City Hall.

Scott Bodenheimer, “That Long Frontier,” Artist Interchange Program, Citadel Theatre 9828 101A Avenue.

Randy Adams, “Checking the Wreckage,” Centennial Library, #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

David Hogg, “Recent Sculptures,” Westin Hotel, 10135 100 Street.

Randall Fraser, “BIG HEADS – A Workshop in Giant Festival Masks,” Edmonton Centre, 101 Avenue and 102 Street.

Isla Burns, Kevin Conlin, Gudny Magnusdottir, Halco Nitzsche, Borghildur Oskarsdottir, Chuck Wissinger, Gro Skaaltveit, “International Artists in Residence 1995 – The Masters,” Edmonton Centre.

Douglas Clark, “In Place of the Real,” Edmonton Centre.

Hugh Merril and Vince Gasparri, Curators, Artists Kristen Abrahamson, Rosermarie Bernardi, Mary Jo Bole, Christian Boltanski, Blair Brennan, Sue Coe, Dan Doyle, Oscar Gillespie, Leon Golub, Sharon Hartbauer, Cassandra Hooper, John Hoyt, Sharon Kopriva, Pam Longobardi, Margaret May, JoAnne Schachtel, Hollis Sigler, Pat Strakowski, “Vital Passages,” Commerce Place, 10155 102 Street.

Anna Loseva, “Paintings by Anna Loseva,” Scotia Place, 10060 Jasper Avenue.

Brian McArthur, “Echoglen on Piper Creek,” Scotia Place.

Sandra Bromley and Catherine Burgess, “The Big Rock: Downtown’s Newest Landmark,” Rice Howard Way.

Mini Davis, “Bring Me the Head of Mini Davis,” Rice Howard Way.

Edmund Haakonson, “What I Believe,” Rice Howard Way.

Derek Watts and Brent Hogan, “Drive Buy” and “Neues Werk,” Café LAGARE, 10058 101A Avenue.

Joan O’Doherty, “Working on Passion of the Dispossessed,” Manulife Place.

Susan G. Shannon, “La Dolce Vita,” Zenari’s, Manulife Place.

Steve Coffey, “Henri’s Dream,” Zenari’s on 1st Street, 10117 101 Street.

Lesley Norris, “Surface Markings,” Hair With XS, 10145 103 Avenue.

Tom Belden, Gary Greenberg, Joyce Jablonski, Jim Leedy, Randy Schmidt, ChuckWissinger, “Urns (Not Dead Yet),” CHQT Building, 10154 103 Street.

Tina Oemsen. “Zwishcenzeit,” CHQT Building.

Edward Epp, “The West Country: Paintings by Edward Epp,” Biondi Hair, 10331 106 Street.

Lelde Muehlenbachs, “The Sheep and The Leg,” Café Select, 10018 106 Street.

Brenda Taylor, and Darren Peterson, “The Color of Glass,” The Royal LePage Building, 10130 103 Street.


Featured Community Arts Groups, Post Secondary Institutions, Art Organizations Workshops

High School Banner Competition, “Edmonton’s Bicentennial,” Winston Churchill Square.

Edmonton Art Gallery, “ Attila Richard Lukacs,” “Savage Graces: After Images – Gerald McMaster,” Selections from the University of Lethbridge Collection,” “18 Ringy Thingy’s: The Art of the Telephone,” “Site-Seeing in Architecture.”

Formolo Dance Association, “ Lizard Dreams – Visions for Healing,” City Hall.

Vilna School, “OK Class, Put on Your THINKING CAPS,” City Hall.

Edmonton Contemporary Artists’ Society, curated by Russell Bingham, “Sculpture by Invitation,” Edmonton Law Courts, 1A Sir Winston Churchill Square.

The NAMES Project – Canada, “The Presence of Absence,” Citadel Theatre.

Alberta Foundation for the Arts, “Artviews,” Centennial Library.

Grant MacEwan College, “Fifteen Weeks – A Selection of Photography,” Edmonton Centre.

SNAP, “Domi Matrix,” Edmonton Centre.

Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta, “Fine Art: Faculty of Extension Exhibition,” Edmonton Centre.

Japan Foundation and Consulate-General of Japan, “Japanese Dining: A Feast for the Eyes,” and “Zokai Bonsai,” Commerce Place.

Keyano College, “Gary Berteig, Rod Konopaki, and Tom O’Flanagan,” Scotia Place.

University of Alberta, “Textile Design Inspired by Turkish and Persian Sources,” Scotia Place.

Sculptor’s Association of Alberta, “Exploring Relationships, Scotia Place.

Red Deer College, “International Artists in Residence 1995- The Participants,” Scotia Place.

Department of Art and Design Graduate Students, University of Alberta, “Visual Gaming,” Manulife Place, 101 Street and 102 Avenue.

The Group of Several (Michael Bayans, Delbert Kostura, Collin Orthner, Bob Todrick, Jim Ainslie, John Huising, Randall Raiche, Harry Korol, Brad Callahoo, Tracy Grabowski), “Several Photographs,” Select Restaurant and Bar, 10180 101 Street.

rowles and parham design galleries, Melanie Rowe, Leslie Rowe Israelson, David Newsmall,

Latitude 53 Gallery, “The Third Annual Members’ Exhibition,” The Great West Saddlery Building, 10137 104 Street.

Harcourt House Arts Centre, “Red Hot,” “Naked III,” Harcourt House.