The Works “Art Can Be Scandalous – Mind Altering” Featured Artist Exhibits

Margot Brunn, Sarah Patterson, and Jocelyn Hudon, “Current Soundscape: The Nature of Edmonton,” City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Ruth Payne, Curator, “The Poetics of West Coast Modernism,” City Hall.

Robert Dmytruk, “West Hill Series,” City Hall.

Laura O’Connor, “Patron Saints of Modern Times,” Stanley A. Milner Public Library, #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Betty Kovacic with Brock Bosma and Debra Poff, “A Roomful of Missing Women,” Stanley A. Milner Public Library.

Lylian Klimek, “ Fall Out,” Bank of Montreal, 10199 101 Street.


Nick Rudnicki, “Dead of Night,” Capitals Restaurant, Sutton Place Hotel, 10235 101 Street.

Stephanie Jonsson, “Maleable Revelations,” Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, 10065 100 Street.

Tim Rechner, “Brain Dead Heart,” YMCA, 10211 102 Avenue.

Graham Burnett, (Sue Abzinger, curator), “What If? A Survey of Graham Burnett’s More Recent Works,” Edmonton Journal, 10006 101 Street.

Les Graff, “Battle River Series / Night Forms,” Scotia Place, 10060 Jasper Avenue.

Lynn Malin, “Riverscapes,” Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue.

Keith Walker, “The Rescue,” Rigoletto’s Café, 10305 100 Avenue.

Psychotic Robot Collective and Amelia Aspen, “Some Skulls and Robot,” The ARTery, 9535 Jasper Avenue.

Richard Watts, “ARK,” Churchill Square.

Shumba Ash, “Africa at Heart Sculpture Demonstration,” Churchill Square.

Ben Sures, Artist in Residence, Churchill Square.

Eve Arpo, Riin Kranna Roos, Piret Rani, Reimo Vosa-Tangsoo, Sulo Kallas, Shawn Pinchbeck, Curator, Shawn Pinchbeck, “North of Latvia – and Estonian Perspective through the eyes of the Estonian Media Artists’ Union (MARTU),” Churchill Square.

Edmund Haakonson, “The Original Party Animal,” Churchill Square.

E. Ross Bradley, Curator, “Triton and the Nereides,” Churchill Square.

Dean Stanton, Rainbow South Gateway Project.


Featured Community Arts Groups, Post Secondary Institutions, Art OrganizationsWorkshops

French Canadian 400th Anniversary Collage Workshop.

Edmonton Public Schools, “Best of High School Portfolio Award Exhibit,” Kids in the Hall Bistro, City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Edmonton Nature Centres Foundation and the Valley Zoo Development Society, Grade 1-12 Students, “Year of the Frog: Amphibians in Crisis,” Stanley A. Milner Library.

Canada Day Poster Challenge, Canada Place, 9700 Jasper Avenue.

Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists, Karen Dugas, “The Trapeze,” 10309 97 Street.

Edmonton Print International, “Building on a Tradition,” Manulife Place, 10180 101 Street.

Alberta Craft Council, “Coming Up Next,” “Wild Thing,” 10186 106 Street.

Public Participation Project, “Smaller than a Breadbox,” Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue.

M.A.D.E. and Laura Fenniak, “ the West,” Enterprise Square.

Unversity of Alberta Extension Centre, “Landscapes,” Enterprise Square.

Augustana Students, curated by Keith Harder and Julian Forrest.

Canada Day Poster Challenge, Canada Place, 9700 Jasper Avenue, Poster Challenge Winners, CBC, Edmonton City Centre, 100 Street and 102 Avenue.

ArtsHab, “Residents Show,” Chrissy Cheung and Craig Talbot, “Balance,” 10217 106 Street.

Latitude 53 Gallery, Judy Cheung, “Mind of a City,” 10248 106 Street.

Grant MacEwan Students and Faculty, “The Space Project,” Robbins Health Centre, Grant MacEwan, 109 Street and 104 Avenue.

Harcourt House, “Twenty20: Annual Member’s Exhibition and Sale,” “Art Nude: 16th Annual Naked Exhibition and Sale,” 10215 112 Street.

Visual Arts Alberta, “Diversity 2008: A Juried Show and Sale,” 10215 112 Street.

iHuman Youth Society, “State of the Art,” 10235 95 Street.

University of Alberta, Elaine Wannechko and Lisa Turner, Fine Arts Building (FAB) Gallery, 89 Avenue and 112 Street.

University of Alberta Hospital, “Trees,” McMullen Gallery, 8440 112 Street.

University of Alberta Museums and Collections, “Against the Grain,” Telus Centre, 87 Avenue and 111 Street.

Centre d’arts visuels de l’Alberta, “Summer,” 9103 95 Avenue.

Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, “Worse Things Have Happened to Better People,” Stollery Gallery, 9702 111 Avenue.

Media Art and Design Exposed (M.A.D.E.), “M.A.D.E. Street Furniture Competition,” Churchill Square.

Chalk Art Contest.

Plainsman Clay and City Arts Centre Hop Along Pottery Workshop.