June 19 – July 1, 2014


Faster Than the Speed of Sound
Michael Markowsky

As part of the Federal War Artist program, Markowsky’s work was created with the intention of honouring the Canadian Armed Forces in a fun and accessible manner. His work is a collection of drawings of the surrounding sky and landscape. These drawings were illustrated while flying in a Royal Canadian Airforce CF-18 Hornet Supersonic fighter jet. Throughout the festival Markowsky will be creating a series of live paintings to accompany his drawings. There will be a video installation where you can watch this experience of drawing in the clouds.


Ken Armstrong, Dawn Marie Marchand, & Lee Deranger

This exhibit brings together three artists addressing Canada’s Residential School system, highlighting the present day repercussions of these institutions. The exhibit places the experiences of families and individuals who are affected front and centre, and asks, what does reconciliation look like? Featuring works by Ken Armstrong, Dawn Marie Marchand, and Lee Deranger. 


Device for the Emancipation of Landscape
Matthew Walker

Walker challenges us to re-evaluate how we see, hear, and understand the places that we inhabit. This installation uses compositions of field-recordings of the landscape as ammunition for poetic gestures. This sound compilation of bullfrogs, wild dogs, and migratory birds along with other uncultivated expressions of the landscape challenges us to re-imagine our relationship to our surrounding environments. *First Sounding: June 19th on Churchill square at 4:30pm. Check in with theworks.ab.ca, social media, and the info tent on Site #1 for schedule of Sounding locations and times.


Buying and Selling
The Department of Unusual Certainties

 “There is no choice, except when you have one,” says Reena Smith, the Community Outreach Officer for 7 Continents. Buying & Selling explores the possibilities that exist in a global housing market and how it can enrich the lives for the residents in Edmonton.





I See You
Francoise Thibault

The world is a subjective construct individual to each of us—the entirety of our perception arises only in our mind, not in the world that might exist without us in it. Thibault’s work invites you to explore this idea by placing a glass screen between you and the world and inviting you to draw. Your marks subjectively interpret the world, while also blocking it out as the glass fills with your interpretation. 



The Works Exhibits

Michael Markowsky, "Faster Than the Speed of Sound," Churchill Square.

Ken Armtrong, Dawn Marie Marchand, and Lee Deranger, "Reconciliation?," The Works Big Tent, Churchill Square.

Aaron Paquette and Nickelas Johnson, "The Works Giant Gateways," Churchill Square.

Matthew Walker, "Device for the Emancipation of Landscape," Churchill Square.

The Department of Unusual Certainties, "Buying and Selling," Churchill Square.

Graphic Designers of Canada, "Graphex 2013," Churchill Square.

Francoise Thibault, "I See You," Churchill Square.

Various Artists, "Bike Art for Bikeology and The Works."

The Works, "The Works Artwork Raffle Exhibit," Churchill Square.

Alberta Youth, "Alberta Aboriginal Arts Tipi," Churchill Square.

Tony Olivares, "The Traveller," Churchill Square.

Alysha Creighton, "Apparitions," Churchill Square.

MADE, "13th Annual MADE Street Furniture Competition," Churchill Square.

The National Stiltwalkers of Canada, "Quattro," Churchill Square.

Various Artists, "Making Our Mark: Art and Citizenship," City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Lori Frank, "River Valley Coordinates,"  City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Edmonton Public Schools, "Best of Grade 12 Annual Portfolio Award Exhibit," Kids in the Hall Bistro, City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Alberta Youth, "Canada Day Challenge," Canada Place, 9700 Jasper Avenue.

Various Artists, "Phabrikated," Citadel Theatre, 9828 - 101A Avenue.

Glen Guillet, "Myriad," Stanley A. Milner Library, #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Michael Markowsky, "Clowns," Stanley A. Milner Library, #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Aaron Paquette, "Four Directions, Many Paths," Stanley A. Milner Library, #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Grace Sippy, "Parallels," Stanley A. Milner Library, #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Jeff Collins, "Light, Sky, Water, Life: Paintings from the Urban Forest and Beyond," Manulife Place, 10180 - 101 Street.

Scott Cumberland, "The Sweet Suite," Don Wheaton YMCA, 10211 - 102 Avenue.

Gisele Jerke, "Statement for the Moment in Time Series," Extension Gallery, Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue.

Various Artists, "Forging a Nation: Canada Goes to War," University of Alberta Galleries, Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue.

Jim Park, "Reflection," Scotia Place, 10060 Jasper Avenue.

Barbara Rumberger, "Fluid Landscape," Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, 10065 - 100 Street.

Rob Willms and Andrew French, "Criticism and Response," Shaw Conference Centre.

Sandra Bromley, "London Underground," Shaw Conference Centre.

Edmonton Youth, Various works, pARTnership Gallery, Shaw Conference Centre.

Various Artists, "FURNISH: Contemporary Handcrafted Home Furnishings," Alberta Craft Council, 10186 - 106 Street.

Irene Rasetti, "Waiting for the Man," Alberta Craft Council, 10186 - 106 Street.

Robyn Weatherley, "Fleeting Whispers," Alberta Craft Council, 10186 - 106 Street.

ArtsHab One Residents and Friends, "Former Neighbours," ArtsHab Studio Gallery, 10217 - 106 Street.

Insoon Ha, "Monology," Latitude 53, 10242 - 106 Street.

Eleanor Lazare and Zach Ayotte, "Incubator Series," Latitude 53, 10242 - 106 Street.

Various Artists, "Harcourt House 26th Annual Members Show: Flight," Harcourt House, 10215 - 112 Street.

Various Artists, "STARK: Annual Naked Show," Harcourt House, 10215 - 112 Street.

Various Artists, "Bread Basket," Visual Arts Alberta Gallery, 10215 - 112 Street.

Richard Boulet, "Early Recovery," dc3 Arts Projects, 10567 - 111 Street.

Janice Wu and Teng Teng Chong, "Object--Subject," Creative Practices Institute, 10149 - 122 Street.

Bulas and Schwab, "Making a Good First Impression," Snap Gallery, 10123 - 121 Street.

Mastronardi, Seccafien, Melenka, Barlow, and Huot, "Encumbered," Snap Gallery, 10123 - 121 Street.

Mary Joyce, "RED: City, Square, and Safety Pin," Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, 9225 - 118 Avenue.

June Mielnichuk, "Surfacesscapes, "Galeria Pava, 9524 - 87 Street.

Various Artists, "Women in Art," Gallery, Centre d'Arts Visuels de l'Alberta, 9103 95 Avenue.

Various Slovakian Artists, "Face to Face: Works on Paper From Slovakia," FAB Gallery, Fine Arts Building, 98 Avenue and 112 Street.

Candace Makowichuck and Ruth-Anne French, "Add + Subtract -," McMullen Gallery, University of Alberta Hospital, 8440 - 112 Street.



Former years (examples)

Robert Woodburym “Gutshot,” Edmonton Journal, 10006 101 Street.

Sarah Collins, Coordinator, “Bias Consistent Variable Project,” Citadel Theatre, 9828 101A Ave.


Jeff Collins, “One Person, Two Personae: Landscapes and Mindscapes from Alberta,” Capitals Restaurant, Sutton Place Hotel, 10235 101 Street.

Ric Kokotovich, “Reclamations,” Scotia Place, 10060 Jasper Avenue.

Shelley Paley and Jake Hardy, “Apples and Oranges,” Sky Park/Concrete, 10047 102 Street.

Gerry Rasussen and Roger Garcia, “Strip it Down,” Rigoletto’s Café, 10068 108 Street.

Gerry Rasmussen, “Caricatures On The Square,” Churchill Square.

Ken Rinaldo, “Autopoiesis,” “Machinic Diatoms,” Churchill Square.

Dee Fontans, curator, “Wearable Art – Object and Body,” Churchill Square.

Eli Nasogaluak, “Inuvaluit Pitkusied: The Way of the Inuvaluit,” Churchill Square.

JoAnna Lange, “Girls! Girls! Girls!” “Blue Plate Special,” Churchill Square.

Ted Kerr, “Extension,” Churchill Square.

Edmund Haakonson, “Alcoa Project II,” Churchill Square.


Partner Galleries and Exhibits

Edmonton Public Schools, “Best of High School Porfolio Award Exibit,” Kids in the Hall, City Hall.

Glass Art Association of Canada, “Lucent: A Survey of Contemporary Canadian Glass,” Stanley A. Milner Library.

Canada Day Poster Challenge, Canada Place, 9700 Jasper Avenue; Poster Challenge Winners, CBC, Edmonton City Centre East, 100 Street and 102 Avenue.

Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists (SNAP), Blair Brennan, Sacra Privata, 10309 97 Street.

Jeff Holmwood, Glass Happens Studio, “Vetro Grande,” Bank of Montreal, 10199 101 Street.

Glass Happens Studio, Fairmont Hotel Macdonald, 10065 100 Street.

Grant MacEwan College Poetry and Photography Students, “Unreal City: Palimpsest,” Alberta College, 10050 MacDonald Drive.

Alberta Craft Council Gallery, “Brew-haha: Fun and Fabulous Teapots and Sets,” “Emerging fine craft artists,” 10186 106 Street.

Artshab Studio Gallery, “Artshab in the Core: artshab residents, alumni, and friends,” 10217 106 Street.

Latitude 53 Gallery, Mindy Yan Miller and Susie Major, “Candy Mountain,” Ania Trzeieski, “Plastic Wrap Series,” 10248 106 Street.

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, “Governor General Awards in Architecture,” MacEwan Room, Grant MacEwan College, 10700 104 Avenue.

Harcourt House, “M19: Annual Member’s Exhibition,” “Stripped: 15th Annual Naked Exhibition,” “The Bicycle Rehabilitation Project,” 10205 112 Street.

Visual Arts Alberta, “Diversity 2007,” 10205 112 Street.

Media Art and Design Exposed in Edmonton (M.A.D.E.), “M.A.D.E. Street Furniture Competition,” Churchill Square.

Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta, “Video Jams,” Churchill Square.

Theatre YES, “365 Days, 365 Plays,” Churchill Square.

Gerry Morita and Theresa Dextrase, “Push Pull Fly,” City Hall.

Edmonton Story Slam, Churchill Square.

University of Alberta, “Aspects of Abstraction,” Fine Art Building (FAB) Gallery, 89 Avenue and 112 Street.

University of Alberta Hospital, “Hat-story,” McMullen Gallery, 8440 112 Street.

University Extension Centre, Lyndal Osbourne, curator, “Manufactured Transformation: a group show of sculptural forms,” 8303 112 Street.

Centre d’arts visuels de l’Alberta, “Artistic Expression,” 9103 95 Avenue; “Jazz’Art,” SkyPark/Concrete, 10047 102 Street.

Nina Haggerty Arts Centre, “Collage and New Work,” 9702 111 Avenue.

Boreal Electroacoustic Music Society, “BEAMS at the Works 2007,” Sky Part/Concrete.