This project is an installation of ten illuminated boxes on the historic Armstrong Block building (south wall 10125 – 104 St.) that displays artwork on a rotating basis.  

Summer 2019 will feature video stills from The Fire Dance, a performance by Sister Knox dancers, Lisa Delwo, Isabelle Desroches Stein, Katie Marie Ingram, Kavita Sundar, and Larissa Torochenko, as they follow the vision of Olenka Toroshenko, and choreographers/ dancers Olenka Toroshenko and Jessamyn Stewart.

About the Exhibition

Olenka Toroshenko — “The Fire Dance encompasses nine minutes of story, unravelling the enmeshed stigma around the feminine expression in social, cultural, religious & political structures. The end of an era—this divine feminine perspective sparks curiosity, ignites sensuality and illuminates sisterhood. Witness the fire.”

About the Images

Video Stills: Kellen Frost of Atraeon Productions. To view video please visit

In October 2018, the Art & Design in Public Places Program and its various project partners launched the new exhibit for the Alley of Light initiative on 4th Street Promenade, Armstrong Block Building (South Wall, 10125 – 104 Street).

About the Exhibit

We are excited to feature the work of Pedro Rodriguez de Los Santos. Pedro creates artworks that portray and reflect the stories and experiences surrounding themes of diversity and inclusion. Born in Uruguay and having spent 13 years in Canada, Pedro is an expert visual art storyteller, with over 20 years of practice.

About the Images

The Art Boxes showcase details of his artworks, which reflect symbols derived from themes of: communication; freedom; exploration of the new and different; appreciation of nature and new environment; memory; community and Edmonton as a meeting place.

The summer 2017 exhibit features a series of ten unique images titled A Quiet Resilience, by Edmonton-based photographer Tegan B, who was invited by the Exhibit Curator, Eleanor Lazare.

About the Exhibit

Eleanor Lazare, Exhibit Curator - “I selected Tegan’s work because she is an emerging woman photographer; one of the few who is exploring the urban landscape in Edmonton, which has historically been explored by men.”

About the Images

Tegan B —  “What subconscious personality of the city will surface when you let it breathe?  As a contemporary flâneuse, Tegan B has an incessant urge to delve into the city to explore the sticky, soft, unabashed visage that her male counterparts ignore.  The artist’s photographs give pause to visual moments in navigating walkable spaces in unwalkable cities.”    

The inaugural exhibit of Alley of Light Art Boxes, features ten unique winter images in celebration of the winter season, by three Edmonton-based photographers: Cory Johnn, Kellen Frost, and Nicholas Yee.

About the Exhibit

Kellen Frost, Project Curator “My vision for the Alley of Light Art Boxes series was to gather images that would inspire people to explore and get connected to this beautiful land we call home.  This spirit is captured incredibly by photographers Nicholas Yee and Cory Johnn, both invited to join me in this exhibit.  The exhibit features: their stunning views of the Rocky Mountains; the North Saskatchewan River that loops through the heart of our city and its many miles of interconnected parkland; combined with my images set in our local ravines.  So dress warm; go explore; get connected to nature, to yourself, to one another; and maybe even experience a sense of connectedness to everything.”

About the Images

Cory Johnn –  “[I enjoy] the challenge of making effective use of the moodiness often found in the winter landscapes of the Canadian Rockies.  Photographing scenes set with mythical contrast, in places that many may not have the opportunity to explore during this time of year, is part of what attracts [me] to these adventures.”

Kellen Frost –  “The images I chose symbolize the connections we make with one another when surrounded by nature.  I included images from my dance collaboration ‘Breath of The Ancestors’ with Ayla Modeste and Sophia Fairweather in Whitemud Creek Ravine.  Ayla is a dancer/choreographer fluent in contemporary and traditional Cree Nation dance.  I also included images from my ongoing collaboration with Metis actress Hailey Fata. We captured the changing of seasons during this year’s first snowfall in Mill Creek Ravine, while witnessing the novel change of the ravine from real to dream-like.”

Nicholas Yee –  "Much of my visual inspiration comes from experiencing familiar settings in a new light. The onset of winter is a particularly compelling time of change, in both natural and urban settings."

Project Partners:  The City of Edmonton; Winter City Edmonton; The Works International Visual Arts Society; The Art & Design in Public Places Program; Skyline Signs; Artifacts (David & Jeong-Ae Lalonde)