Meanderings - Candace Makowichuk

10215 – 108 St
Monday – Friday 7 am – 4:30 pm 

Working primarily with a historic bellows sheet film camera and 19th century photographic processes, Candace’s work references common locations by capturing an element of space and time and the intersections between urban site, memory, and the human impulse to connect. Her methodology and approach offer a moment to reminisce, while celebrating the roots of photography in its purest form. The contemporary urban landscape is unique and encompasses places that we may pass by daily, taking no notice, while others we remember vividly. By using photography, the artist takes snapshots to reveal themes and memories of everyday life. Long after one has engaged with the permanence of these ever-changing, recurrent spaces, the photos - like souvenirs - offer a moment to reminisce, supplying the imagination with a place to go. 

The artist will be presenting a Sun Prints workshop on Churchill Square on Saturday July 1. 

Sun prints are photographic prints using either found objects or photographs on transparencies that are exposed to sunlight. The specific paper used produces prints in an elegant cyan colour. 


Candace Makowichuk, professional visual artist, arts educator and arts manager, specializes in historical photographic processes and techniques for her artwork: Cyanotype, Gum Bichromate, Silver Gelatin, Bromoil and hand tinting. Candace has extensive experience in educating the public on the importance and impact the visual arts have on our community and lives and with exhibiting her artwork at public and artist run galleries. Her work is represented in public collections within Alberta, private collections within Canada and exhibitions throughout the province.