Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters

Carol Wylie

Manulife Place
10180 – 101 St Daily 6 am – 1 am

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters is an exploration of the relationship of personality to physicality, perception and self-perception. Each of the people in the oil portraits, some friends, some co-workers, some strangers who Wylie met for the first time at their sitting, self-identify as “oddballs”. They are uncomfortable within norms of social acceptability, but are happiest, and most themselves, outside of the mainstream. Each subject is gazing directly at the viewer, disrupting any attempt at voyeurism and offering direct engagement. As the viewer converses with each subject, reading the history residing in each face, they learn to understand a little about the subject, and therefore, about themselves, building empathy and ultimately, compassion.


Wylie practices in the Studio on 20 th Artist Collective in Saskatoon and has exhibited across Canada and the United States. She was a 2015 Kingston Portrait Prize finalist and in 2016 she was a Saskatchewan Arts Foundation Award recipient.