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Celebrate Fibre Arts

Enjoy demonstrations and exhibits of various Fibre Art techniques, both traditional and contemporary, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation, with art projects that build community and tell the complex story of Canada’s people and places. Gain an appreciation for how fibre art skills, used long ago for warmth and decoration, are still used today for the same purposes.

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A Possible CANADA

The central message of A Possible CANADA is to evoke conversation about what a possible Canadian society could be, and our role in creating such a society. The images, patterning, and structure of the artwork hold the potential and the capability to facilitate dialogues on this quest. This exhibit consists of two components: the major artwork O’Canada Project and a public participation panel.

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ReFrame: Graffiti as Dialogue 2 iHuman Youth Society

As an organization that serves as a connecting point between Edmonton’s vulnerable youth and the larger Edmonton community, iHuman will bring youth and community members together to explore how an art form that is in many cases viewed solely as a tool for vandalism can be used to enhance community dialogue and beautify this city through a pop-up free wall.

Pubic workshops with various artists will take place daily throughout the festival from 2 – 4 pm. 

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Temper Talk

Temper Talk is a sculpture and print exhibition that features recognizable modes of communication such as telephone towers, walkie-talkies, rotary dials, and tin can telephones. The print series features two “key” prints: one of the phonetic alphabet from a-z and one of Morse code from a-z. Visitors are encouraged to use the “key” prints to decipher the other coded prints and reveal their secret messages.

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