June 20 – July 2, 2013


No Rhyme or Reason
Various Artists - Curated by Terrance Houle

This exhibition is a potpourri of performance, new media, and video works that delectably touch such topics as identity, gender, surveillance, history, sports, life/death, and cowboys. The exhibition is comprised of 4 performance artists working over the course of the Festival and a screening of 9 video works that come from all angles of Art.


The Carrousel

Take a ride on the interactive carrousell made of barriers and shopping carts on Churchill Square! BGL is Nicolas Laverdière, Jasmin Bilodeau, and Sébastien Giguère - an art collective that defies artistic conventions and aims to make art more accessible to the public by creating projects that unsettle and extend beyond official artistic sites.




Brenda Draney

This exhibit accompanies the installation of the same name on Churchill Square, a further exploration of how tent structures might also provide a way to think about temporality, community, and a sense of place.








The Works Exhibits

Various Artists, "No Rhyme or Reason," Churchill Square. (curated by Terrance Houle)

Victoria Stantion, "The Mobile Listening Sessions," Churchill Square.

Theo Pelmus, "Holly Mandylion Bleeding Caramel: Four Visions of Excess," Churchill Square.

Pelmus and Castellanos, "Passage to the Kingdom," Churchill Square.

Ulysses Castellanos, "I'm Too Sad to Tell You," Churchill Square.

Erica Lord, "Darkness at the Edge of Town," Churchill Square.

Sonny Assu and Jeffrey Veregge, "The Works Gateways," Churchill Square.

Marlena Wyman, "The Effect of Collected Memory on the Adorned Body," Churchill Square.

Alberta Aboriginal Arts, "AAPAA TIPI," Churchill Square.

Nicolas Laverdiere (BGL), "The Carrousel," Churchill Square.

Various Artists, "This is Me," Churchill Square.

Graphic Designers of Canada, "Logo Exhibit and Activity," Churchill Square.

Betty-Jo McCarville, "Storytelling Bicycles," Churchill Square.

Jes McCoy, "Pas de Deux (A Dance for Two)," Churchill Square.

Brenda Draney, "Provisions," Churchill Square.

Cindy Baker, Sharon Rusnak, and CRIPSiE, "Crip Tease Revisited," Churchill Square.

Shannon Rusanck's, "Losing Hands," Churchill Square.

Cindy Baker, "Self-Portraits of my Hand Lounging Naked in Bed," Churchill Square.

CRIPSIE's, "(Dis)connection: A Resurrected Motif," Churchill Square.

Genevieve Simms, "Shadows," City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Allyson McIntyre, "The Herd," City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Lisa Razansoff, "Eyes in the Wild," City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Hilary Mussell, "Hybrids," City Hall, #1 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Alberta Youth, "Canada Day Challenge," Canada Place, 9700 Jasper Avenue.

Various Artists, "Object Theatre Series/Assistaed Architecture," Citadel Theatre, 9828 - 101A Avenue.

Sara McKarney, "Archives of Memory," Stanley A. Milner Library, #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

VASA/RDC, "Capacity for Fellowship," Stanley A. Milner Library, #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Guru Digital Arts College, "Projection Mapping," Stanley A. Milner Library, #7 Sir Winston Churchill Square.

Keith Walker, "Pets," Sutton Place Hotel, 10235 - 101 Street.

Justin Wayne Shaw, "Western Horsemen: Economic Action Plan," Manulife Place, 10180 - 101 Street.

Erin Hooper, "Figurative Gallery," Manulife Place, 10180 - 101 Street.

Various Artists, "Everything on Sale," Commerce Place, 10155 - 102 Street.

Brenda Draney, "Provisions," Don Wheaton YMCA, 10211 - 102 Avenue.

Heather Spears, "Drawn from the Fire: Children of Intifada," Extension Gallery, Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue.

Various Artists, "Size Matters," Enterprise Square Gallery, Enterprise Square, 10230 Jasper Avenue.

Jill Stanton, "What Good Are These?" Scotia Place, 10060 Jasper Avenue.

Bee Kingdom, "Bee Kingdom Travelling Exhibition," Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, 10065 - 100 Street.

Andrew French and Robet Willms, "Dream," Shaw Conference Centre.

Sandra Bromley, "London Underground," Shaw Conference Centre.

Edmonton Youth, Various works, pARTnership Gallery, Shaw Conference Centre.

Vanessa Mastronardi, "The Space Between Us," Rigoletto's Cafe, #102, 10305 - 100 Avenue.

Bee Kingdom, "Honey Variation," Matrix Hotel, 10001 - 107 Street.

Bee Kingdom and Barbara Tipton,  "Bee Kingdom and Barbara Tipton," Alberta Craft Council, 10186 - 106 Street.

Various Artists, "Coming Up Next," Alberta Craft Council, 10186 - 106 Street.

Various Artists, "Perennials," ArtsHab Studio Gallery, 10217 - 106 Street.

Megan Dickie, "Flips Folly," Latitude 53, 10242 - 106 Street.

Kyle Whitehead, "Circle of Confusion," Latitude 53, 10242 - 106 Street.

Various Artists, "Kinetic," Harcourt House, 10215 - 112 Street.

Group Exhibit, "Naked," Harcourt House, 10215 - 112 Street.

Various Artists, "ACAD Vaaa," Visual Arts Alberta Gallery, 10215 - 112 Street.

Jordan Bennett, "Shamans & Superheroes," Snap Gallery, 10123 - 121 Street.

Melissa Haviland and David Colagiovanni, "Music for Teacups," Snap Gallery, 10123 - 121 Street.

Dr. Isabelle Shen,"Fusion," Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, 9225 - 118 Avenue.

Evelyn Berg, "Carscapes, "Galeria Pava, 9524 - 87 Street.

Various Artists, "Summer Harvest," Gallery, Centre d'Arts Visuels de l'Alberta, 9103 95 Avenue.

Justin Ogilvie, "before and after," FAB Gallery, Fine Arts Building, 98 Avenue and 112 Street.

Amy Loewan, "Illumination Place," McMullen Gallery, University of Alberta Hospital, 8440 - 112 Street.