The Places History


The Works International Visual Arts Society established to stimulate interest in and advance the development of the visual arts and design in Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada. Supported by contributions from corporations, small businesses and others, the Society holds the first The Works Art & Design Festival in the downtown area in 1986.  The DBA is the Founding and Ongoing Sponsor of the Festival. The Works Society launched a Public Art Legacy Program as a feature part of the annual Festival.



City of Edmonton Percent for Art Policy (February) to provide Art in Public Places.



The Edmonton Business Council for the Visual Arts (EBCVA, The Council) was established to promote the growth of the visual arts community and to realize the economic gains from doing so. Representing the arts and business communities, The Council’s 30 Volunteer Honourary Directors act as a catalyst for greater contact between both groups. Hosts the annual Council Gala to raise funds for the Public Arts Legacy Program and student scholarships in art and design.



Edmonton Arts Council (EAC) was formed culminating a year of work by the Mayor’s Task Force on Investment in the Arts. Funded by the City of Edmonton and managed by a volunteer board of eighteen directors representing all sectors of the arts community, it meets the needs of its members/art community through advocacy and administration of the City Community Investment Program (CIP) grants.



Capital City Downtown Plan released.



In cooperation with the City of Edmonton and pursuant to the Capital City Downtown Plan, (EBCVA The Council) introduces an Art and Design in Public Places Program multi partner initiative to facilitate the acquisition and display of art and design in the Edmonton Downtown area to raise the profile and livability of the area, thereby increasing the attractiveness of downtown location for business residents and tourists.



Guided by a five person private and public sector Steering Committee, independent consultant completes business plan for the new Art and Design in Public Places Program. The plan encompasses the development of at least three projects per year for five years and 2.3 million to be raised over this period. Program announced at the annual EBCVA Council Gala in June 1999.



Finance and Fundraising sub-committee established. Syncrude Canada Ltd. announces it will donate $100,000 over five years to The Art & Design in Public Places.



Recruitment process for ADPPP Executive Director begins shortly after the Gala. In October, The Works International Visual Arts Society selected to head the program.  The Works Public Art Legacy Program is rolled into the Art & Design in Public Places highlighting leadership, organizational efficiency, and cost effectiveness.



In November, the federal government’s Canada Millennium Celebration Office announces one-year funding of $232,000 under the Canada Millennium Partnership Program. The grant helps launch Art & Design in Public Places.



The Places surpasses its goal and develops 69 works of art and design and raises over 7.9 million (cash and in kind contributions).  Please see The Art & Design in Public Places Summary, Funding and Partners Overview and Project Update for details.