Why do we stop being creative when we grow up?

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By Julie-Claude Vezeau-Croteau, Programs Assistant.

When you are a kid you think you are the center of the universe. You believe that everybody likes what you make, and if they don’t, you are sure they are wrong. Your sense of empathy develops around the age of 7-8. Afterwards, you understand that you are not alone. It means that you are more aware of how others feel, but it also underlines that you realize how they may think of you. 

Before, you felt great about everything you created but now, you compare yourself to them and you feel terrible about it. It’s hard to take the time to become better at something when you feel judged. Never the less, sometimes what you don’t know can make you feel better, for example: art making. 

Making visual art can be relaxing and give you a unique way to express yourself. It is also easy to start; you just need a piece of paper and a pencil and you can start doodling. Doodles are drawings that you don’t have to show anyone - but if you feel brave enough I will encourage you to come to the artmaking tent open from noon to 8 everyday on Capital plaza. You can try The Intriguing plant project which is an introduction to drawing, collage and sculpture. 

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