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This program sees an Edmonton artist exhibit in the new Enterprise Centre facility curated by a youth curator and installed in a six month rotation. At The Works, we believe that placing art in public places allows for people of all ages and backgrounds to experience, learn about, and appreciate visual art.

For more information about the artist or sales contact Amber Rooke at The Works Society:
Phone: 780-426-2122  ext 226                

Current Exhibit
A heap of broken images, where the sun beats, by Agata Garbowska

 You were looking out (2015) Oil and acrylic on canvas

You were looking out (2015) Oil and acrylic on canvas

This body of work is an exploration of psychological spaces. The artist begins with collages of interior spaces that are uninhabited, yet hint at human presence with select objects and/or remnants. When creating collaged images of interior spaces Agata works intuitively to create poetic relationships in images that echo with human presence. The interior spaces are vaguely disquieting, and address interests and juxtapositions such as chaos/structure, interior/exterior, and past/present.

Agata Garbowska

Agata Garbowska is an Edmonton based artist and recent graduate from the University of Alberta Art & Design program. Agata’s artistic practice is currently focused on her concerns regarding consumer culture and climate change. Specifically, her recent work is an attempt reckon with the consequences of consumer culture and its effects on others and the environment. When she isn’t in her studio Agata can be found at the nearest Dollarama scavenging for art supplies. Her favorite poem is Anna McDonald’s Horse Piano 

Location: The YMCA Community Canvas WORKS initiative is located at Don Wheaton YMCA 10211 102 Avenue - Main floor

Previous Exhibits: 

Alexandra Gusse (2017), Lindsay Kirker (2016-2017), Megan Warkentin (2015-2016), Lucille Frost (2014), Scott Cumberland (2014), Jenny Keith (2013), Glenn Guillet (2011), Justin Shaw (2010), Josée Aubin Ouellette (2009), Michal Wawrykowicz (2008), Tim Rechner (2007), Nicole Galellis (2006).

Archive & Previous presenting partnerships


Final exhibit in the The Works Gallery at Jackson Power Partnership
(April 29 - May 7, 2016)

Night Moves, curated by Leanne Olson

When the sun leaves the sky, half the Earth faces away from our primary energy source. Our behaviour changes, our perspectives swivel, our fears arise from everything we’ve pushed aside during the day. Night Moves explores what surfaces at night, with our senses dulled and our minds alert.

With natural and forced illumination, artists Ashley Huot, Dwayne Martineau, Hans Cully, Holly Sykora, Laura St. Pierre, Mark Templeton and Sergio Serrano provoke themes of surveillance, mortality and scale.

Visit the unique layout of The Works Gallery at Jackson Power and enter the compartmental rooms that become temporary portals into the repetitive processes of emerging and established artists confronting the night. 

Opening Reception: 8PM-11PM, Saturday, April 30th, 2016
Gallery hours: 12PM- 4:30PM, April 29th - May 7th, 2016
Closed Sundays

About The Works Gallery at Jackson Power:

The Works Gallery at Jackson Power is a unique venue made possible through a partnership between The Works International Visual Arts Society and Jackson Power Electric. Through this program, the space is used as a gallery twice a year to exhibit contemporary artworks and to promote critical dialogue through writing about visual art. The first exhibit in the program was "Manus," curated by Sean Borchert in the Spring of 2013, followed by "Text Crutch," curated by Robert Harpin in the Fall of 2013. In the spring of 2014, Olivia Chow curated "Gastrosophy," and the following fall Stacey Cann curated "Installation View" and in 2015 Tim Rechner curated "Telepathic Eye and the Aesthetic Voice". Exhibits are organized by the Society as part of their year-round programming. To submit a proposal for this program contact The Works Art & Design Festival's Executive Artistic Director at 

Location: The Works Gallery at Jackson Power, 9754 60 AVE Edmonton, Alberta; Stair Access Only

Previous Exhibits: 

Telepathic Eye and the Aesthetic Voice (2015), Installation View (2014), Gastrosophy (2014), Text Crutch (2013), Manus (2013)


The exhibit and website explore Edmonton's history in the context of Queen Elizabeth II’s three visits to Edmonton since her Coronation in 1953. The exhibit features images, collectables, and memories of the 1959, 1978, and 2005 royal visits from public archives and contributions by Edmontonians.

The reception launched a website with commentary by Edmonton’s Historian Laureate, Shirley Lowe, and offers visitors the opportunity to contribute to the community archive around these visits, and these times in Edmonton’s development.

Sixty Years is the final component of an ongoing project to work with Edmontonians to activate community memory around the growth of Edmonton and to engage youth in Edmonton’s history during Elizabeth II’s reign as queen. Other aspects of the project have included collection events and an in-school art program.

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