The Works Art & Design Festival

June 21 - July 3, 2018

(Capital Plaza on the Alberta Legislature Grounds)

Art & Design

For 13 days every summer, The Works unleashes art & design throughout one square kilometer of Edmonton's downtown core. Completely free to the public, The Festival is an extravaganza of visual art, design and entertainment that attracts artists and patrons from around the globe. Greater than the sum of its many parts, The Works is a time and place for everyone to discover, discuss and develop an appreciation for art and design!

As North America's largest free outdoor art and design festival, The Works has something for everyone!

- 50 exhibits at 30 venues throughout Edmonton's downtown and around the city

- live performances on The Works Street Stage from noon - 9:30 pm every day

- over 300 special events including tours, receptions, and demonstrations

The Works Art & Design Festival 2018 will take place June 21 - July 3, 2018 (Capital Plaza on the Alberta Legislature Grounds)

Be Art

Interactive experiences with Art

One of the more unique aspects of The Works are the opportunities to become part of the art, experiencing it from  every angle, including from the inside out. Andy Davies brought strangers together, binding them in a plaster cast while shaking hands, while Mitch Kern invited us into his giant pinhole camera to view the festival upside down and backwards. Alysse Bowd had us etch our secrets on rice paper, then dipped them in honey and ate them. Stacey Cann brought us into her sphere of distrust and protectionism while donning layers of clothing in a public space to protect her from the unwelcome gaze of others. And Kasie Campbell invited us into her female space, from which her performances all began and completed. 

Make Art

The WorksShop: Family Art Making Programs

Free all ages art-making, inspired by the festival themes and the interactions that naturally occur when art is made.  Over Everyone is invited to come have their say via large-scale comic-style paintings and drawings. What is your message to the world? Come be a part of the conversation with dialogue-themed speech bubbles and portrait making. Informal art learning will focus on text and portraits, and the many variations and combinations they can entail, including: comics, typography, graffiti, self portraits, cartooning, symbolic representations of self, etc.  You can take your masterpiece home or add it to our on-site public mural project. This year we created a 14 panel temporary mural to stay on Churchill Square as part of the construction barrier throughout the upcoming two-year Churchill Square closure.